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Yes, Porsches are expensive. You know that before you build one. Why wouldn't you want the car exactly the way you want it?
The psychology behind selling doesn't care too much about that sort of logic, it can be mostly emotional. It's why Porsche dealers have inventory kitted out to certain price brackets/levels already, to avoid someone coming in and seeing that their car starts at $65,000, but that if you want any of the basics that come with a Ford Fiesta you're going to be reminded of every single dollar you're spending per item.

What do you think is a better experience for a customer:
1) To think, for a single choice in the transaction, that you may not be getting a great deal or paying for some items that you don't necessarily prioritize, but overall you know what the $ amount is
2) Having to go through that same step of "this seems expensive for what it gives me" a million times as you are reminded of every single thing that this $70,000+ base vehicle doesn't give you, but that you get from something much much cheaper, and ending up with another 50% of the cost of the car in options just to get it to where a Honda Civic would be wrt options.


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Executive plane from Lexus (or Toyota) is not that far fetched. They own 10 percent stake in Mitsubishi Aviation and are parent company of Subaru (former Fuji Heavy Industries).