5th Generation Toyota RAV4 Master Thread


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2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk vs. Toyota RAV4 Adventure Off-Road Test
Compact SUV mud-n-ruts throw-down


We were right. If playing in the dirt like you see us doing in these pictures holds any allure to you, the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is the compact SUV for you. If you're just outdoorsy and want an economical compact that will get you back out of your state park bivouac after a storm, the RAV4 Adventure offers an impressive leg up on all the other competitors in the space. And please. If you're neither of the above, pick a different version or vehicle altogether, because on pavement the equipment added to make these two do what you see them doing here makes them heavier, noisier, and less efficient than you need.
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Greeting to all Lexus Enthusiast members! My name is Larry from China. I know LE's website for long time but I can't find the way to register a account(reCaptcha block). So I just find the friend help me to register. Please forgive me pretty poor English level and some difficult word I need using Google Translate. I hope I can enjoy this amazing place with different countries car lovers.

So my first reply in here is a news for ChDM version Toyota RAV4. The Chinese authorities Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(or MIIT) today just post a new monthly announcement for future road motor vehicle in Chinese market. FAW-Toyota have been declare two different powertrain for ChDM version, petrol version is a 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine M20D-FKS and hybrid version is same for ChDM Camry/Avalon, the A25B-FXS with motor. Both version have 2WD/4WD(hybrid is E-Four) option. But FAW-Toyota did not provide Adventure exterior for China(only use that 19 inches rim from Adventure). According to media news the new FAW-Toyota RAV4 will launch at October and GAC-Toyota "twins" will launch in early 2020. Also according to the planning report of Changchun City five month ago, RAV4 will get a Plug-in Hybrid version in future. Personal guess PHEV RAV4 will introduce in late 2020 or 2021.
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Always glad to see more chinese members. As I start spending less and less time on this forum it's nice to have others keep ChDM information coming.


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Carscoops suggests that this is a plug-in hybrid version of the new RAV4, citing the hidden "charging port" on the right side of the car, as shown below:


However, I haven't read any rumors about a plug-in hybrid version being made for the RAV4, which is why I am hesitant to believe their claim. I think it's either one of these possibilities:
(Beware, these are just my personal guesses)
  1. The Lexus NX is moving to the TNGA platform soon, and there were NX mules based on the RAV4, so could this be a next generation Lexus NX mule? Still, the current generation NX and last/current generation RAV4 have their fuel doors on the left side of the vehicle, so it doesn't make sense for them to suddenly switch to the right side for the new NX?
  2. There was recent news that Toyota and Subaru would collaborate to create BEVs, and Toyota did say they would create a SUV BEV. Could this just be an early mule for the joint collaboration? It seems as if the RAV4 is low to the ground, even though the trailer it is pulling doesn't seem so heavy (indicating that there might be something underneath (i.e. batteries) that is weighing the vehicle down).
Link: https://www.carscoops.com/2019/08/forget-the-prius-prime-toyotas-testing-a-rav4-plug-in-hybrid/

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