Video Game Streamers Customize Lexus IS Sedan

Lexus has teamed up with Twitch live streamer Fuslie to create a modified 2021 IS sedan with the help of her 700,000 subscribers. During a two-hour stream last week, 23,000 viewers voted on details like lighting, in-car gaming consoles, a 3D-printed controller and the exterior wrap. Fuslie will live stream the reveal of the vehicle in February.

This marks the first time a car brand has collaborated with gamers to customize a vehicle through livestream. Twitch is a massive platform, with 2.56 million weekly viewers in December, more than double from a year prior.

(It begs the question — shouldn’t Lexus also livestream the building of the car?)

[Via Marketing Dive]

Lexus IS: Third GenerationUSA


Dope.. and Lexus did live stream building a car before with VIP Auto Salon. I was there.