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Videos: The 2019 Lexus ES & ES F SPORT

Lexus ES Videos

Continuing with the debut of the seventh-generation Lexus ES, here are three videos of the new sedan — this first one was posted by Lexus Europe, and shows off the ES in Atomic Silver:

Next is the official reveal video that was shown at the Beijing Motor Show:

Finally, here’s some b-roll footage meant for the media but perfect for enthusiasts:

  • passive torque distribution control (mechanical differential)
  • passive torque distribution control (passive braking)
  • braking control (active braking)
  • torque vectoring control (active differential)
new system is likely more affordable than regular systems and fuel saving, but yeah it can distribute torque to each wheel individually.

I mean Toyota has owned Torsen for a long time now, 14 years or so, there is no reason for them to be able to adopt single, better system across the board.

Otherwise, they have previously used various different systems for various vehicles, for instance most of their Japanese vehicles, even cheap Yaris, have full time AWD system.

OK I agree an AWD will be nice with this.

OK I agree an AWD will be nice with this.
car looks stunning for the price.