Updated: New Rumors on the Lexus LC F Coupe

Japanese magazine Holiday Auto is running an interview with a purported Lexus insider, who has much to say about the muchrumored LC F high-performance coupe.

(Please keep in mind this information comes through Google Translate, which can be problematic.)

First off, the insider claims the LC F will be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine with 630ps, which converts to 621 horsepower. This is in line with a earlier report from Best Car, and could be a repackaged rumor.

lexus LC F Rear

However, the insider doesn’t stop there — they also claim that Lexus will reduce the weight of the LC F by 7% through the additional use of CFRP, and that the Japanese price will be over 20 million yen, or $176,000 USD. As a comparison, the LC 500 costs 13 million yen ($115,000 USD) in Japan.

The insider goes even further with talk of manufacturing, claiming the LC F will be alongside the standard LC and will not require its own dedicated line. On the topic of a release date, the insider says that final testing will start in Fall 2018, with the LC F reaching dealerships some time in 2019.

Who can say if this all true? Adding specifics like weight reduction and probable pricing brings some credibility, but it’s also easy enough to falsify. What’s your read on this story?

lexus LC F Bird's Eye

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