Cinema Ad Brings the Lexus LC 500 Sound to Dolby Atmos

Lexus USA has produced a new cinema ad using Dolby Atmos sound technology — turn your speakers way up:

This is the first cinema commercial to use the immersive 360° sound in the USA — from The Film Journal:

The 107-second Lexus ad, called the “Immersive Sonic Challenge,” offers a high-tech sound experience that enables moviegoers to experience the raw power of the first-ever Lexus LC 500 through an immersive, hyper-real audio “test drive.” Because Dolby Atmos systems have speakers around and above the audience, the spot’s producers created a rich sonic experience by pinpointing which speakers they wanted to place the sound.

For instance, when moviegoers hear the Lexus LC 500 perform a donut, they feel that they are in the center of the track with the LC racing around them at full-speed just a few feet away.

The ad is now playing in select Spotlight Cinema locations in the USA.

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