Lexus USA Launches New Remote Service Assistant

Starting this month, Lexus will begin offering a service called Enform Service Connect, a new part of the Enform telematics platform that will allow dealers to remotely look into a check engine light or any other warning light on the instrument panel.

The service will be offered on all 2016 Lexus models, starting with the 2016 ES, and will not be available on earlier Lexus models. Enform Service Connect is an opt-in feature at no extra charge for all customers that sign up for Enform Safety Connect.

Through Service Connect, dealers will be able to see maintenance intervals and contact the customer to schedule a maintenance appointment. Monthly health reports will be sent to customers via email or smartphone app, and will include any recalls announced for the vehicle. cell phones.

Customers will also be able to call a dealer when they get a check-engine light or other warning on the instrument panel. By entering the vehicle’s VIN into the service portal, the dealer can look up the specific issue.