2016 Lexus RX Models Sold in USA to Miss Out on Latest Lighting Technology

Lexus RX Tail Light

One of the new features of the 2016 Lexus RX are progressive turn signal indicators on both the headlights and taillights — instead of a traditional flashing blinker, this new design lights up in a row:

Lexus RX Progressive Blinkers

Unfortunately, no Lexus vehicle in the USA will have this feature due to federal regulations — Jalopnik explains:

[According to existing regulations], all turn signals must be at least 2,200 square millimeters in size.

So how does the RX’s turn signal not qualify? Well, according to the Lexus people, the problem is this: the 2,200 square millimeter measurement doesn’t apply to the turn signal as a whole, but rather every single little bulb that lights up in a row.

This explains why vehicles like the Ford Mustang have similar lighting technology available in the USA — each segment of the turn signal is larger than 2,200 square millimeters.

This may be bad news for America, but customers in other markets will have these indicators to look forward to. Of course, standards around automotive lighting are being challenged, anything is possible!