Will Lexus Make a Convertible Version of the LF-LC Production Model?

Lexus LF-LC Convertible

In a recent interview with CarAdvice, Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley makes the case for a convertible version of the Lexus LF-LC coupe:

“For us, the LF-LC concept or a convertible with some sort of performance is some sort of car we’d love to get. I think there is a market for convertibles in Australia. Performance convertibles.”

“It’s got to be a performance convertible. It’s got to be a fast car, to be truthful. I think a convertible version would work in our market. It’s not going to be huge sales but I think it would work.”

While the production model based on the LF-LC has yet to be revealed, it’s no great stretch to imagine the coupe offered as a convertible. The same could be said of the RC & RC F coupes, though there are conflicting reports as to when or if an RC convertible will reach production. The last Lexus convertible was based on the second generation IS and debuted in 2009.

Back to the LF-LC — details on the production version remain sparse, and Hanley plays it safe with any predictions:

“First of all, there’s no plan to launch [the LF-LC] anytime soon. But what we can say about that concept car is Lexus’ ability to bring concept to reality is pretty good now.”