Next-Generation Lexus RX to Debut at Detroit Auto Show?

Lexus RX Next-Generation

Wards Auto is speculating that the next-generation RX could be one of two vehicles that Lexus debuts at the Detroit Auto Show in January:

Meanwhile, [Lexus USA general manager Jeff] Bracken says Lexus will have at least one, if not two, models debuting at January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

He doesn’t divulge details, but one is likely the first look at the next-generation RX midsize CUV. The RX last was redesigned for ’09, and WardAuto’s product-cycle chart shows a next-generation is due in ’16.

An earlier quote from Bracken mentioned that a performance vehicle would be one of the two debuts at the show, with the long-awaited GS F sedan being the most logical choice.

Now anything’s possible, but I can’t see Lexus wanting the next-generation of their best-selling RX to share the spotlight with anything, nevermind a performance-focused vehicle that would siphon off huge publicity.

More likely, the RX will debut at another auto show later in the season — really, why would Lexus debut two completely different models at the same auto show?

[Source: Wards Auto via: Autoblog]