Details on the Upcoming Lexus LF-LC Production Model

Lexus LF-LC SC

In a recent interview with Auto Express, Lexus Europe vice-president Alain Uyttenhoven recently discussed the production LF-LC and how it will compare to the LFA:

“It will not be a full carbon car costing £350,000. It will be – in terms of construction – a more normal car, a car than can be manufactured in larger quantities than just a batch of 500,” Uyttenhoven said. “This shows there will be more emotion from the brand.”

Uyttenhoven wouldn’t be drawn on a time scale for the car, but confirmed that its design “might be very close to the concept,” and that other Lexus F models are in the pipeline…

A production model based on the LF-LC was confirmed as far back as March 2013, with most rumors putting a reveal within the next two years.

There’s even been speculation the new model will resurrect the SC nameplate, and could feature a new twin-turbo V8 generating over 600 horsepower.

Note: The above image is a rendering from Holiday Auto, and not an image of the production model.

[Source: Auto Express]