Lexus USA Releases 2015 RC App for Apple & Android

Lexus RC App

Lexus USA has released an app for the 2015 RC — it’s similar in tone & features with previously released models, but for the first time it’s available for Apple and Android devices.

My favorite feature with these apps are the side-by-side comparisons with competitors — here are screenshots with the RC 350 & BMW 435i:

Lexus RC 350 vs BMW 435i Exterior
Lexus RC F vs BMW M4 Interior

There’s a similar comparison with the RC F & BMW M4:

Lexus RC F vs BMW M4 Exterior
Lexus RC 350 vs BMW 435i Interior

Here’s how Lexus describes the app:

The 2015 Lexus RC Virtual Experience App introduces you to the brand new Lexus RC sports coupe – providing an immersive experience that allows you to explore, learn, and discover the RC’s many features.

Experience full 360° views of the 2015 RC — just like in the showroom. Take a deeper dive as you scroll through the RC’s rich feature set, explore exclusive product images, and view exhilarating videos. Take a look at how top competitors measure up to the RC with side-by-side comparisons. You have the ability to take notes, bookmark, or share content directly with others.

Always impressed with the level of detail in these apps — it’s a great way to get an advance look at the model and its competitors, and that makes it a worthwhile download for anyone looking at buying a Lexus RC F.

Download the Lexus RC iOS App or Android App