Lexus July 2014 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 27,333 total sales for July 2014, a 14.1% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2014 2013 % CHG* 2014 2013 % CHG*
CT 1,979 1,306 45.7 10,316 8,858 16.5
HS 0 2 ‐100.0 0 5 ‐100.0
IS 4,542 3,641 19.9 28,115 14,427 94.9
ES 6,326 6,089 -0.1 39,496 39,582 -0.2
GS 2,001 1,722 11.7 12,123 10,790 12.4
LS 624 661 -9.2 4,578 5,908 -22.5
LFA 0 0 N/A 12 17 -29.4
Total Cars 15,472 13,421 10.8 94,640 79,587 18.9
RX 9,658 8,437 10.1 56,922 54,255 4.9
GX 1,955 881 113.4 12,231 5,296 130.9
LX 248 292 -18.3 2,229 2,308 -3.4
Total Trucks 11,861 9,610 18.7 71,382 61,859 15.4
Total Sales 27,333 23,031 14.1 166,022 141,446 17.4

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. July 2014 had 26 selling days, July 2013 had 25 selling days.

The ongoing Golden Opportunities sale contributed to this month’s success — with 27,333 sales, this was the best-ever July for Lexus in the USA.

The IS & GX continue to lead the charge in percentage gains, and this month are joined by the CT — the hybrid hatchback saw a massive increase of 45.7% to 1,979 units sold. Still, it’s the steady sales volume of the ES & RX that are making the biggest difference — the two models made up 58.5% of all Lexus sales in July.

(Lexus was also the top selling luxury brand this month, beating BMW & Mercedes in total units sold.)


  1. Daaamn! With a volume selling CUV and sports coupe coming at the end of this year, what's July 2015 gonna look like? 30k+? And for all of the internet trolls who keep calling the IS ugly...4500 a month Great job Lexus
    • A+. Proof positive the spindle grill and/or the injection of sport in the latest gen Lexus vehicles is a success. I'm amazed at how well the RX is still selling despite a redesign next year. NX and RC sales will add 5k units per month starting next year bringing projected total Lexus sales to 400k units per year! WOW.
  2. By next year, Lexus will be selling 30k a month consistently, with fewer models, fleet sales, and dealerships than the Germans.Pure style & market demand are driving Lexus to the top! That's Dynamite! BD
  3. Krew, The first sentence says March 2013 and it's total doesn't match the total in the table. Quick edit maybe?
  4. Ray

    Hardwork yields good results. As BlackDynamite pointed out that Lexus has the most simplest line up compare to bimmer and merc, yet Lexus wins. Good job. CT is Lexus only new model that contribute to the sales. LFA (which has reach its production quota) and HS (discontinued) has 0 sales. Imagine those two model will be replaced by NX and RC by the end of the year. Not to mention, all new RX and all new LS will be launched in one or two years time. Watchout Germans, Lexus is back.
  5. With the ES, in the 'month' column, despite an increase in sales in 2014, why is the percentage change negative?
  6. i am not good in making jokes, but take a look what Lexus was saying at there July 2014 Sales Conference Notes yesterday. Later this year Lexus will bring the RX F sport coupe (!!) to your dealer! Watch out BMW X4!!! :-)
  7. Finally the GS reached 1/3 of the ES sales this of course plus the GS is the only one in Europe and about eastern European and mid Asia and mid east GS double the sales specially in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan &Kazakhstan So I am waiting the GS to continue up in NA market 1:1 which can be by 2020 and then we will see what will happen in ES fate Everyone here of course know me and know what fate I want to this CAMRY sorry Avalon now
    • I also want the GS to destroy the ES. I believe the GS sales are going to keep picking up as they do slowly. let hope the GS450h in the US helps.
    • More than hybrid version, I guess the GS will make a big jump with the introduction of the new 2liter Turbo. But the 300h may be a very good help too. But the GS need to get the same face of the RC, exactly the same even if it may to appear like a copy, need to get those beautiful L HID and that huge spindle grille cause despite to the fact that the GS has been the first model to introduce the spindle, now that extremely important feature appear too small and a bit discharged compared to the spindle fitted on the rest of the line up...even the 2014 CT has a much bigger spindle grille than the GS, this thing sux big times.
    • I totaly agree wuth you. The RC facia is the best and its headlamps.
    • Nah! Hope they instead take the grille and the seperated LED's from the concept, exactly like the LF-Gh, just like the designers intended.
    • Agree I always love the LF-Gh
  8. Lexus Global has to work closer with Toyota Global in order to correctly segment their products, thus helping Lexus to go up-market (€ 40-100K), yet increasing sales units. Next generation CT could be a key product in the Lexus portfolio, if it is viewed as a compact high-tech luxury hatch, as opposed to Lexus range entry.
  9. The GS Fsport should get that full spindle grille like the IS. The GS F should be exactly what the LF GH is, that car is sexy! As much as I want Lexus to offer a four door coupe I think they should focus more on the models they have now, offering more F's where necessary and also putting a bigger engine in the GS(not the GS F).
    • There's no such thing as a four-door coupe! A coupe IS a two-door. That's the defenition those who came up With the concept intended.
    • In other words, a car that we would like is a 4 door sedan with low and sleek roof line, high belt line, wider and lower than GS, with 4 comfortable individual seats and frameless door windows.