Lexus GS 450h F SPORT Coming to America

Lexus USA GS 450h F SPORT

Starting with the 2015 model year, Lexus USA will begin offering the GS 450h with the F SPORT package.

Lexus USA has traditionally stayed away from offering the F SPORT package on hybrid models, with the hybrid-only CT 200h being the one exception. Hybrid F SPORT models have been available in other parts of the world for some time.

(To be fair, the RX 450h is the only other hybrid model offered in the USA that’s available with the F SPORT package in other markets. The IS 300h & LS 600h are not available in North America.)

More information is expected next month, but Lexus sources have confirmed the GS 450h F SPORT will have the same features as the GS 350 F SPORT.


  1. Now they only have to offer the GS 350, IS 350 and the RC 350 in Germany too!!
    • They are still very slow
    • The IS is in all ways better than the 335i, except in straight line performance, and even so, the difference is not big. The BMW is not much faster considering it has turbo. Anyway, most BMW/Mercedes/Audi are sold with small engines, Lexus quite the opposite.
    • My Problem is that the BMW 320i is still faster then the Lexus IS 250. I drove both and I like the 3IS but the engine is outdatet.. I want something similar to the BMW 328i. In my opinion it´s the best compromise between consumption and performance. I hope for the Lexus IS 200t and that it will have about 250 hp, more torque and a new transmission. Numbers from 0-60 are uninteresting, but it must feel right and the IS250 doesn´t feel like 208 hp. Until now I don´t had the chance to drive an IS350, but I think it will be much better than an IS250 especially with the 8-speed automatic.
    • IS 200t will replace the IS 250 some time in 2015 or 2016 at latest. But not tomorrow. :( Because then the IS will really be up to what it is worth.
  2. Speaking as a European who has driven the GS 450h F Sport twice: congratulations! The combination of the generous,refined power of the 450h drive line and the sharper handling of the F Sport trim level is simply sublime!
  3. Kevin: any thoughts on when we'll see a facelift on the GS? Next spring?
    • The GS need to get the RC face with the same headlights and the huge spindle grille, then it should get more aggressive rims, somethin like those beautiful LFA charcoal rims fitted on the IS F Sport. Only in this way it has several hopes to find a new life commercially talking.
  4. What about the NX! Hey Lexus, are you listening?!
  5. Hmm maybe i should hold off the lexus nx. Maybe lexus will rethink about bring the lexus nx 300h f sport, since everyone in america is complaining that we dont get hybrid f sport. I am tempted to buy the nx200t fsport b.c of the exterior and interior appearence but i want the hybrid engine badly b.c i reside in new york where gas is really expensive. i really hate the spingle grill and the fog lamps that america gets. I was thinking maybe swapping the whole front bumper but most likely cost couple thousand including paint and labor.. i dont know if i should sacrifice saving money on fuel over the exterior and interior looks. i mostly commute to work locally less than 10 miles. I dont know if that 22/28 nx200t preimum gas will eat up the tank. Gas for preimum in new york average is $4.49 per gallon. I currently drive ct200h.
  6. It's about time! :) The seed has been planted for other models to follow!