More Photos of the Lexus RC F in Solar Flare

Lexus RC F Solar Flare Orange

Autoguide has some more photos of the Solar Flare orange Lexus RC F parked at the Lexus headquarters in California:

The orange doesn’t seem as overwhelming compared to the previous photos, but it’s still way more color that I could ever handle.

(And how about that carbon fiber detail? Looks great!)

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  1. Great of the best colors for this car....:) hope it performs as good as it looks
  2. hells yeah!! didnt think I would ever consider orange, but this orange is drop dead gorgeous.... The blacked out outline of the spindle grill looks so much better than the chrome.... I think im set on orange, just come out already!!! Im tired of waiting... its so painful!!
  3. DOPE!! And Lexus is more than 450+ HP and BMW M4 is ONLY 425HP!!