Orange Lexus RC F Spotted in California

Lexus RC F Orange Solar Flare

A Lexus RC F in Solar Flare (aka orange) is now at the Lexus USA headquarters in California — here are some photos, including two from Instagram user Integress:

Lexus RC F Orange Rear

Lexus RC F Orange Side

Lexus RC F Orange Front

Lexus really went all out with this shade of orange, it’s much brighter than I was expecting.

Too wild for me, what do you think?

[Source: Lexus USA] (Thanks everyone!)


  1. If I had the money to buy an RCF that would without a doubt be my colour! Along with the full carbon fibre package and a red interior.
  2. Yes for a high performance coupe you need one bright colour to define its persona.
  3. Hard to tell from photos, is this close to nurburgring orange for LFA?
  4. Natural light brings it to life indeed
  5. I thought I was set on Liquid Platinum with the carbon roof and wing, but now... Ill have to reconsider... Damn that's a sexy babe!
  6. Love the car but those rims are going to be hard to clean.
  7. RAL

    I agree with you krew.
  8. Oh my god it's rare for me to flip out about a car color but this... This is gorgeous.
  9. Some wheels with a nice lip and a drop is what this car needs asap. Hot coupe from Lexus.. the color is badass tho
  10. Oh...WOW! That's perfect!
  11. Fantastic color. It would definitely be my choice.
  12. I was lucky enough to see an RC F in Solar Flare today. I think it looks fantastic. Here is a photo I managed to take of it.