Lexus LFA Teams Finish 11th & 13th Overall in 24 Hours of Nürburgring Race

Lexus LFA #53 SP-PRO

The #53 Lexus LFA Code X team finished 11th overall and first in the SP-PRO class at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race in Germany this weekend. This is the best finish for a Lexus racing team since the LFA started participating eight years ago, thanks to the driving of Akira Iida, Juichi Wakisaka & Takuto Iguchi.

Close behind was the #48 LFA team, who came in 13th overall & first in the SP8 class. Drivers Takayuki Kinoshita, Hiroaki Ishiura, & Kazuya Oshima were joined at the last moment by Toyota president Akio Toyoda, who started and finished the race:

Lexus LFA Akio Toyoda

Congratulations to both teams for the excellent finish, very well done!


  1. C'mon Lexus bring this bad boy out to play.
  2. MD

    Highly restricted class LFA and LFA code X put a serious a** whooping on GT3 class highly modified cars like the Nissan GTR GT3, Mclaren MP4-12C GT3, Ferrari 458 Italia GT3, Porsche GT3 Cup and Porsche GT3 997 etc. LFA showed who is the boss. All of the cars in the top 10 ahead of the Code X are extremely highly modified in GT classes. Seriously huge accomplishment considering both LFAs are competing with high level of restrictions in suspension and engine modifications. Cannot imagine how good the LFA will do if Lexus decides to move them up to the GT classes.
    • They're in GT3 class standing territory already, just playing and lapping around with the big boys while posing a threat to them especially the LFA Code X, which is just minutes behind the Audi GT3 car in 10th pos.
    • Yeah, moving it into SP9 class will allow Code X to compete without restrictors and also the suspension modifications could be more serious than they are right now. It will become a big, bad monster with that 5.3 Liter V10 in the SP9 class.
    • But if your honest the Code X doesn't really stand a shot of beating those GT3 class cars if you have a look at the lap times in Qualifying the Code X is still a good 10-15 seconds per lap off those top guys. I like how well Lexus are doing but to beat those GTE cars they have to enter one of there own if they a realistic about winning this race.
    • What part of "restrictions" don't you understand in his post? You need to first understand how the classes work. Code X has restrictors placed on the engine and also the suspension modding is severely limited in the SP-Pro class. SP9 and SP7 are GT classes that give a lot of latitude in terms of suspension and engine mods. Code X due to restrictors is only running up to 7500 rpm when the full rpm capability of the engine is just under 10,000 rpm. Still, it beat majority of those GTE class cars. Moving Lexus LFA Code X into the SP9 class would result in a huge array of modifications Lexus can do that are not available in the SP8 or SP-Pro class. Code X would become a
    • Like I mentioned at the end if you bothered to read it if Lexus are serious about winning it they need to do it with a GTE specced car. Its a huge ask to think otherwise.
    • MD

      No sh*t sherlock. Code X is in the SP-Pro class. GTE classes are allowed extensive engine and suspension enhancements while the SP-Pro and SP8 class LFAs compete in are highly restricted. Still, they were ahead of 98% of the GTE class cars. The Code X is a 5.3 Liter V10 monster that has been tamed just to meet the SP-Pro requirements. Going into the SP9 will unleash the full monster this car is, which is why Lexus needs to compete in the GTE class.
    • Yep I get that aswell hence why they need to unleash the car in the link below.
    • MD

      In case you did not notice, that is actually the LFA Code X shell spec'ed for the GTE. The engine in that car was 5.0 Liter V10 while the Code X is 5.3 Liter V10. Lexus needs to use the Code X with aggressive weight reduction that is allowed in the SP9 class along with more aero and suspension mods and it could easily crack the top 3.
    • Maybe so but is Gazoo Racing out to win this or merely using the Nurburgring race for further development down the track is the question I ask.They have had the ability to build & race a GTE specific car for at least 3 years now but have continued to develop the LFA. To me it suggests that this is as mentioned a development platform for something further down the track with regards to a road going Supercar.
    • But if you read the article properly it says that they are capable of using different engine configurations in this car.If I'm honest I believe alot of the aero that was used on this car has probably been passed onto the normal SP-8 class LFA & the Code X car also.
    • WTF? Code X is capable of making over 620 HP, but in the SP-Pro class, it has been restricted to only 500 HP and revs up to only 7500 rpm in order to meet class regulations (ADAC does that to level the playing field in each class). The winner Audi R8 LMS prep'ed for the Nurburgring 24-hours race produces over 570 HP. There is a 100 HP difference there because of the restrictions placed on the Code X. Still, Code X was marginal slower per lap than the LMS car.
    • Marginally slower 10-15 seconds a lap is alot hence why they need to get a GTE specced car to race on an even footing.
  3. honestly i care more now about the TS040 NG aka the TS050 Toyota really need to solve the issue that make car no.7 stopped suddenly after 15 hours leading i believe Toyota can win this race easily
    • Agree with this I watched a whole lot of that race aswell and Toyota looked the goods until that electrical mishap & the incident in the wet with the #8 car aswell basically scuttled there chances. It was pretty clear to see the Toyota had the legs on the field in that race and its a shame they could'nt get the desired result.
  4. Why Lexus don't race at SP9 GT3 class? I want to see a LFA on first place not fisrt place on a slower class. Win the race! I hope same goes for Le Mans; I hate to see always something goes wrong and bye bye win.
    • Can't be sure why they don't race in the GTE class I've gotta think the reason for staying in those more factory based classes is for development purposes that would be the only purpose i could think of. They have had the ability to race in that GTE class for at least 3 years with many cars but have chosen not to. It seems to me that Gazoo are the developmental arm for Lexus/Toyota and the actual race team is the one was out of there old Cologne F-1 HQ. They have also built the RC-F GTE car which was developed by Toyota Techno-craft another race division of Toyota.
  5. Code X in action.