Nürburgring 24h Race: Lexus LFA Updates

Lexus LFA Teams

Toyota President Akio Toyoda will be one of the four drivers racing the Gazoo Racing #48Lexus LFA in the 41st annual Nürburgring 24 hour race this weekend in Germany, joining the team of Takayuki Kinoshita, Hiroaki Ishiura, & Kazuya Oshima. The LFA will be racing in the SP8 class.

A second prototype #53 LFA Code X will be racing in the SP PRO class, driven by Akira Iida, Juichi Wakisaka, & Takuto Iguchi.

The race will be livestreamed on the Gazoo Racing website and the VLN Nürburgring Race page. Racing updates will also be posted here at Lexus Enthusiast throughout the weekend.

May 21th, 2013

10:18am ET: The race is now over. The #53 LFA Code X finished 11th overall & first in the SP-PRO class. The #48 LFA finished 13th overall & first in the SP8 class. Huge wins for both teams!

9:02am ET: With less than an hour remaining in the race, the #53 LFA Code X is 12th overall/first in SP-PRO class, and the #48 LFA is 14th overall/first in the SP8 class.

2:23am ET: The sun starts coming up on the #48 LFA:

Lexus LFA 48 7

10:58pm ET: Currently, the #48 LFA is running first in the SP8 class and 22nd overall. The #53 LFA is 16th overall, and second in the SP-PRO class.

8:46pm ET: The #53 LFA Code X on the track, now 18th overall:

Lexus LFA Code X

6:01pm ET: The #48 LFA remains first in the SP8 class and 29th overall. The #53 LFA Code X is now 20th overall, though it remains second in the SP-PRO class.

2:21pm ET: The #53 LFA Code X pulls into the pitstop:

Lexus LFA #53 23

2:18pm ET: The #48 LFA has fallen to 29th overall, though the team remains first in the SP8 class. The #53 LFA has climbed to 23rd overall, though they remain second in the SP-PRO class.

12:36pm ET: Here’s Toyoda-san getting ready for his first run in the #48 LFA:

Lexus LFA Morizo

12:31pm ET: The #48 LFA started the race 23rd overall and first in the SP8 class. They are now 20th overall and first in their class.

The #53 LFA Code X started the race 24th overall and first in the SP-PRO class. They are now 31st overall and second in their class.


  1. Go Gazoo go!!
  2. Code X seems to running quiet well hopefully they can finish in the top 10 that would be an encouraging result.
  3. LEXUS TOPS SP-8 SP-PRO TOYOTA TOPS SP-3 V-3 amazing we need a GT3 next year
  4. Congrats to Lexus on the huge wins. Wish LFA Code X had finished in the top 10, but still 11th overall and 1st in SP-PRO class is great too,
  5. so now as i am happy of today's records as i am so frustrated of two main and yet stupid issues issue no.1 *why only one car from every cat. hope Toyota take lessons from Le-Mans and make at least 3 imagine in Le-Mans what will happen if there was another 3rd car. definitely they will have at least the 1st and the 3rd not only the third issue no.2 *SP-9(GT3) please hope they have a real contender in this cat. next year
  6. A spin I could put on this is with the new Code X engine the hybrid power used at the LeMans 24 hour I got to think for sure a higher performing Super Car is on the Lexus/Toyota's horizon.
  7. GTE class you say well Lexus have had this bad boy sitting round for a couple of years now why not just role this car out its GTE spec perfect for the Ring and LeMans assault. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1085011_what-ever-happened-to-lexus-lfa-gte-race-car