Video: Developing the Lexus NX Turbo & Hybrid Engines

Lexus NX Engine Options

The Lexus NX will be offered with two powertrain options: a 2.5L hybrid system and a Lexus-first 2.0L turbo engine — here are project engineers Izumi Watanabe and Kenji Otsuka discussing the development of the two engines:

Really enjoying this “Development Story” video series — be sure to check out the first two parts if you missed them.


  1. Amazing engineers work with amazing cars!
  2. Interesting to hear they re-invested time and effort tackling NVH and fuel economy to improve them on the NX. It sounds like the 2.5L hybrid engine in the NX is not exactly the same as that in existence in the Camry, Avalon, and ES, hence we can expect very close mileage numbers compared to its sedan counterparts.
  3. The turbo engine has been under development since 2005.. anyone else caught that? pretty cool... you never kno what these auto companies are doing lol
    • Yep. Noticed that and my first thought was how refined and responsive this engine will be - heck it's Lexus and they will have taken close to 10 years to develop and launch this engine! :)