Video: The Lexus NX Development Story

Lexus NX Development Story

There are two new videos detailing the development story of the Lexus NX compact crossover — first, NX chief engineer Takeaki Kato describes the overall concept, new turbo engine, and some of the vehicle’s unique features:

In the second video, project managers Nobuyuki Tomatsu and Tetsuo Miki walk through the exterior & interior design from concept to production:

These videos do well in explaining the concept of the NX and what Lexus was trying to accomplish with its design — “Premium Urban Sports Gear” may not roll off the tongue, but the concentrated combination of style and functionality is very appealing.


  1. Since Lexus has these cool LED headlamps on the NX and RC, does that take away the auto-leveling? like you would see on cars with projector headlights.