Lexus USA Gaining on Mercedes & BMW in 2014 Sales Volume

Lexus Sales 2014

Lexus sales in the USA are heating up — the brand outsold Mercedes in March & May, putting them only 12,000 sales behind market leader BMW.

BMW currently leads with 127,181 sales in 2014, Mercedes is close behind with 125,118 sales, and Lexus is third with 115,171 sales — there may not be enough time for Lexus to catch up to either German brand, but next year could be very interesting with the RC & NX in the lineup.

Here’s another interesting sales-related fact from Bloomberg:

On a retail sales basis, excluding vehicle purchases by businesses, Lexus was the top-selling U.S. luxury brand in the first quarter of 2014, said Tom Libby, an analyst for IHS Automotive. Lexus sold 65,475 cars and SUVs to individual customers in the period, compared with 63,483 for Mercedes and BMW’s 63,353, according to IHS’s data.

[Source: Bloomberg] Update: Edited for clarity.


  1. There's something wrong with the numbers on this post. Numbers doesn't really match up what the words are trying to say. Consumer sales we won. But 15000 behind BMW? By numbers in 2014 aren't we still behind Mercedes according to the last paragraph? How does that match up with the first paragraph of outselling Mercedes? Or are you talking about monthly or quarterly only? A little confused. But glad to know Lexus, my #1 brand, is selling!
  2. It's amazing how much models and variants the Germans need. Where as Lexus can own the market with such a small lineup..
  3. Translation: BMW and Mercedes have passed Lexus is sales by dropping well under $35k in price, or even under $30k for Mercedes, plus increasing fleet sales numbers. The German's desperation for sales titles is real. Lexus stands fast above the fray, maintaining luxury car standards, keeping all sedans over $35k. BD
  4. That's great for Lexus when you take into consideration that bmw and mercedes has a way more cars in their lineup. Lexus will surpass the germs when the NX and the RC hit showrooms.
  5. What is the reason that Lexus do not make the CT more desirable by giving some choices of engine and transmission not everyone wants a Hybrid or a CVT gearbox. Surely a simple job to enlarge the range especially now with the 2 litre turbo in the NX.