Lexus IS 200t Trademarked in Australia & Europe

Lexus IS 200t Trademarked

Lexus has trademarked the IS 200t nameplate in both Australia and Europe, making way for the new 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine to be introduced in the sports sedan.

The turbo engine will debut this year with the NX compact crossover, where it generates 235 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. The engine also features a dual Atkinson/Otto cycle that maximizes fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

(The Australia trademark is #1624592, and the European trademark is #012902251. Both were filed on May 23, 2014.)

[Source: IP Australia & OHIM] (Thanks Matt!)


  1. There's now hope for N.America.
  2. Finally turbo will be hitting the IS and the GS will follow soon.
  3. I have think that 2.0 will make a tiny bit more HP in the RWD guise of the IS vs. the FWD NX. In the ES300h, the 2.5l hybrid makes the IS300h puts out 220. Apples to oranges though. Could be wrong.
  4. Still waiting for the RC200t trademark but the IS200t is fine for now great work!
    • The RC 200t had been trademarked already. See:
    • Oops forgot about that now just waiting for its official launch with a price list hope Lexus considers a manual transmission for at least the RC200t.
    • A manual shifter in the mix perhaps??
  5. honestly not in to this 200t i still waiting the 3.5 & the 4.6 replacements also the third generation hybrid synergy drive
    • I believe that the 200t will be the 250 replacement. Also the output on the RWD sedans would be increased to around 250 HP. That is a very logical strategy, though still behind the germans, the brand new state of the art engine head and turbo cooling system would give it the edge. As for the 350 and 460 engines, I believe there are no plans for replacements yet. Especially the 350 engine, it is one of the most successful and widely used engines by Toyota/Lexus. Expect the 200t engine to be available for the Toyota GT-86 soon.
    • Stj

      200t engine in the GT86 is not happening ever. That car and hood height was specifically designed only for H4 engines.
  6. RC200t GS200t IS200t ...oh game on!!
  7. Is there hope this will be available in the 2015 models?
  8. A desperately needed engine for one of themost dynamic Lexus.
  9. I just hope it comes in manual....