2015 Lexus NX & NX F SPORT Information


Lexus has released the first real details on the new NX, including 11 new photos of the compact crossover in both standard and F SPORT models:

The Full Lexus NX Press Release


Lexus will unveil its new luxury compact crossover, the Lexus NX, at the 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition to be held in Beijing, China from April 20 to April 29. Lexus will exhibit the NX 200t equipped with a newly developed 2.0-liter turbo engine and the NX 300h equipped with a 2.5-liter hybrid system.

Evolved from the Lexus LF-NX concept introduced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show and the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, the NX is Lexus’s first entry into the luxury compact crossover segment. Designed under the development concept “Premium Urban Sports Gear”, the NX was developed as a sport utility vehicle with high functionality and an edgy design fitted perfectly to an urban lifestyle.

Lexus NX Rear


The aggressive styling embodies a sporty, urban SUV with dynamic driving and quick acceleration.

Lexus NX Front

Progressive and modern L-shaped three-bulb LED headlamps emphasize the unique personality of Lexus design.

The NX’s powerful performance is expressed by placing emphasis on the tires and fusing the front and rear wheel flares to the solid, muscular vehicle cabin beginning from the spindle grille.

Lexus NX Side Profile

The side profile is accentuated by a peaked roofline set towards the rear that simultaneously provides ample head-room for rear seat occupants while creating a powerful silhouette.

Attractive and sporty L-shaped LED rear combination lamps in concert with a spindle-grille-themed rear view convey SUV power.

Lexus NX Interior

As if etched from the same sheet of metal, the silver frame of the central instrument cluster is embedded into the instrument panel. This, in combination with synthetic leather kneepads that offer firm support to the driver and passenger, symbolize the firm and strong frame intrinsic to SUVs. The contrasting, yet harmonious blend of metal and synthetic leather lend a sense of refined quality to the cabin. In addition, as befitting the vehicle concept, the instrument cluster is flush with operational functions.


The NX will feature the application of a new Remote Touch Interface with touch pad functionality.

Lexus NX Interior 2

The Lexus firsts include a wireless charger in the center console for smartphones and other mobile devices, a Panoramic View Monitor, a comprehensive Multi-information Display, a G sensor display and a boost pressure meter.

[Source: Lexus International]


  1. I have to have the F Sport version. I can't wait to see it in person.
  2. Looks great! Way to go, Lexus! BD
  3. Once again Lexus, you nailed it! This cuv is very attractive!
  4. RAL

    Does the roof look like black panoramic glass on the standard model? Three LED headlamps standard too?
  5. Awesome! I thought I'd love the F-Sport over the non-F-Sport by a long shot, but I'm not so sure. They are both very appealing. Beautiful Lexus! Finally after all these years of waiting...
  6. Can't believe I'm saying this but, any other luxury brand out there with a CUV are a snooze fest. That interior is a huge upgrade from the RX. Lexus has designed a great product.
  7. I'm sure this is just a taste of what the next RX will bring next year. Lexus' future is so bright, I gotta wear shades! BD
  8. The story just hit Motor Trend..... Autobots......ENGAGE! BD
    • Saw Your comments on Motor Trend! You are really ane embarrasment to all of us who like (some) cars from Lexus. Please stop. You are far from being cool With sound like som kind of internet/ghetto language, as you apparently think you are.
    • So done with the negativity -- keep the comments about the cars, not fellow posters. Do we seriously need to keep talking about this?
  9. OMG it looks awesome!
  10. Hats off! Even on picture looks this amazing !
  11. The North American conventional (i.e. non F-Sport) model differs from the European version. The front overhang on the North American one is raised, as opposed to the European one which sits lower. See the attached picture.
  12. No Panoramic roof just a panoramic view monitor.