Video: Driving the Lexus NX 300h

Lexus NX Driving Footage

Update: Both videos have been removed by request of their owners.

When a Lexus NX 300h prototype visited Flow Lexus of Greensboro in North Carolina this week, YouTube channel Saabkyle04 took the opportunity to film this twenty minute video packed with nearly every detail of the Lexus NX 300h:

(Video Removed)

There’s so much information in this video, it’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive video overview of the NX. I continue to be impressed with the functionality of the NX, and seeing it among other vehicles shows off just how futuristic the exterior styling really is.

Flow Lexus employee Brock Frady also had a chance to ride along in the NX, posting this extended driving clip filmed from the back seat:

(Video Removed)

Brock also sent over photos of the NX, including some comparison shots with the current RX:

Lexus RX & NX

(Thanks to everyone that sent this in!)


  1. 1. I wonder if the average consumer can tell the difference between Lexus NuLuxe and a normal leather seat 2. I'd expect Lexus leather to be apart of the Luxury Package BD
    • B

      I don't think the AVERAGE consumer can tell a difference at all. I've had to point it out on several occasions.
  2. B

    After seeing this car up close, in person, I can easily say the pictures don't do this car justice. It is simply stunning. It is one of Lexus' best concept-to-production vehicles. The way the light catches all the angles on the car - it looks great from any angle. And the details you immediately notice in person, but may not see in photos (like the three-dimensional effect the taillights have)'s just a brilliant car. I think this is going to be a huge hit for Lexus.
  3. Anybody notice that there are 2 different looking nx300h?. The offical usa lexus website shows the nx300h with the grill shown above with half mesh grille. But this video shows no mesh at all. Also you see the fog lights are different too. The lexus website shows the fog lamps same as the 200t. the video posted is an oval circluar shaped. Can anyone confirm this? I hope we get the 300h shown on the lexus website.
    • I see what you're talking about, the one on the Lexus site is nicer.
    • Mesh is FSport
    • Yes i know mesh is f sport. But if you go on lexus website the 300h grille is different...
    • The One in the video up above might be for the Lexus USA / North American markets, while the other 300H NX with the full grille and fog lamps like the F SPORT will be for European markets most likely, that will be offered as an appearance package like they did with the RX where Canada just limited the standard grille and made the Sport appearance package grille the new standard grille. SO in other words most likely the grille in the video up above are design for USA / NA to go with the grille like the RX even though we all think the sport appearance package grille look the best on the RX and the European 300H grill look the best as well on the NX... Seeing this video completely change my mind on the spindle grille for the NX that was design for NA / USA its very sport yet luxurious sleek and amazing wish I could say the same for the RX grille.. THANK GOD CANADA ARGEED WITH ME AND eliminated IT
  4. All that beeping would drive me insane.
  5. The execution of the spindle grille seems to give New Lexus' more front overhang than actually is needed.
    • But this is FWD, so it is normal it has longer front overhang.
    • If you look at the gallery, it shows you the RX and NX front end together, you see the NX design is not much different at all from the RX overhang. The RX is owning the market, so..... BD
  6. While I like it, RX is still my favorite!
  7. Went to JM Lexus today to see if they had the NX prototype, but they didn't.
  8. I really don't like those fog lights (I like the ones on much better). Where's the 360° monitor? Power-fold seats? Panoramic roof? I hope those features are all coming in available packages to the US.