Video: The Lexus Four-Cylinder Turbo Engine in Detail

Lexus Turbo Engine

Here’s a video overview of the new 2.0L turbo engine installed in the Lexus NX 200t:

The NX 200t will be the first model to get the 8AR-FTS 2.0L engine, which is equipped with a twin-scroll turbo and generates 235 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,000 rpm.

The engine can flip between the Atkinson cycle for greater efficiency and the Otto cycle for more power — it’s also the first Lexus to be fitted with an idling-stop system, which reduces fuel consumption by automatically switching off the engine when the vehicle is idling.

(Thanks Leo!)


  1. Torque peak is very high for a turbo..... BD
    • torque is between 1650 and 4000rpm.... max hp is between 4800 and 5600... thats minimum of 4000rpm of usable full power, but we have to wait to see the dyno's on how fast it drops off towards the redline... (which is around 6200 rpm). So far so good, but only after trying it out we will know how really good it is.
    • Earlier peak means torque curve plummeting after 5000 rpm and nothing left at all after 6000 rpm. Look at VW diesel engines that make 120 HP and 200 ft-lbs at only 1000 rpm. They have a lot of get up and go, but still slow with 9 sec 0 - 60 mph. With a peak at 4000 rpm, the torque curve can somewhat be sustained after the 5252 rpm (where torque and HP cross over) and the engine will still have some puff left over after 5000 rpm.
  2. If Lexus were to put this in a CT, maybe I'll consider it.
  3. Well, we'll see how many models will receive this engine.
  4. EXPECT this engine in the next CT redesign, and the IS within the next year..... BD
  5. hmm wonder if there will be any turbo lag...
    • As I understand,the engineers have made great efforts to almost entirely eliminate turbo lag. Lots of new tech here. I think this is going to be a gem of an engine.
  6. Lexus should only offer hybrid vehicles, like Lexus actually does in some parts of Europe.
  7. MT

    I would say the engine will be NX only for the next couple of years.
  8. Anybody know if this is the "standard" powerplant or if the hybrid is the "standard" (lower priced) engine? I'm confused as to which is the option.
  9. stj

    Very nice and all but we still don't know if its a open or closed deck design! Hope this thing will be able to take some boost and not rupture a cylinder wall.
  10. Forget the boxer in the GT86 and throw this in there. Anyone have details on the RI4AG in the Super GT RC-F's?