Lexus NX Spotted in Another Parking Lot

Lexus NX UK Plant

A Lexus NX 300h F SPORT has popped up in another parking lot — this time, it’s the Toyota Burniston factory in the United Kingdom:

Lexus NX F SPORT UK Front

Lexus NX F SPORT UK Rear

The NX was spotted in a California parking lot last week, marking the first time the compact crossover had been seen outside of the studio — I imagine these two scenes will be much less novel once the model launches later this year.

(The color looks to be Atomic Silver, similar to the NX models displayed at the Beijing & New York auto shows.)

[Source: Martin Ward via Carscoops]


  1. Those photos almost to real life! So I think in person this CAR!! is a beauty!!
  2. Show stopper! This car just keeps on giving.
  3. To be honest almost all the colours seen thus far have not enticed me or create a Wow factor but the sUV overall looks outstanding.
  4. I hate Obsidian but this should be amazing in that colour.
  5. Rob

    I agree it's going to be a stunning car. I live only 15 miles from Burniston, wish I could get a sneak view of it. This colour is called Sonic Titanium in the UK, the pictures do not do it justice, see if this photo of my IS300h F Sport helps. The NX looks so good that I have already placed a pre-order deposit for one for my wife in exchange for RX, and most likely will go for this colour.
  6. Looks ready to kick somebody's arse! Makes the GLK and X3 look old and gay.... BD
  7. Smells like hybrid F-Sport! Didn't hear about the U.S. getting an F-Sport option on the 300h.... BD
  8. Look forward for a real left-hand drive model.
  9. Considerate parking.
  10. The F sport model has a much better front end