Live Photos of the Lexus NX 300h & NX 200t F SPORT

Lexus NX Live Photos from NYC and Beijing

After its debut last night in China, the Lexus NX is now on display at both the Beijing Motor Show and the New York Auto Show — a few photo galleries of the NX 300h & NX 200t F SPORT have been popping up online, here’s what I’ve found so far.

Marc Berger from the Lexus of Route 10 dealership sent me these New York photos of the NX 300h & NX 200t F SPORT:

Autoblog has a big collection of images from the Beijing show floor:

See the full NX photo galleries at Autoblog

Lexus Canada posted some photos of the NX on their Facebook page:

See more NX photos on the Lexus Canada Facebook page

Japanese website Response has a Beijing NX gallery full of tiny details:

See the full Response NX gallery from Beijing


  1. here is good one, they love it...
  2. Power folding rear seats? Standard wireless charging pad and power liftgate? Lexus is ready to dominate! BD
    • these are all loaded vehicles (Luxury and F-Sport)... level of equipment will vary across regions....i doubt any of those will be in base models
    • It clearly states in the gallery image "standard" features and "available" features. BD
    • i didnt see these, you are right - but these are F-Sport and 300h models... 300h is rumored to be very expensive in the US and F-Sport has a lot of equipment added. These are likely $45k cars.
    • No reason it won't be more than the $3k premium it is in the Lexus ES300h. Shouldn't be more than $38k to start. And they don't want it to step on the RX's toes..... BD
    • not with this equipment... Hey, I want to get the car. But it is not going to be almost loaded for $38k....look for loaded 300h at $50k. European regions are saying "less than €50k, less than 30k GBP", which is almost GS pricing and a lot more than IS... luckily AU is reporting IS-like pricing which we got at CL as well from dealers.
    • Again, I said to start, not loaded. $38k. No reason to expect it to be any more. A Mercedes GLK Diesel starts at $38k. No reason to expect this to be any more than that, and keep it below the RX..... BD
    • They don't want to be average, they want to constantly raise the bar.
  3. Krew, is it just me, but does the 300H seem to have a shorter snot from top to bottom then the F-Sport? I know the F-Sport has the extra lip at the bottom but the front seems shorter from top to bottom besides that AND on top of that the 300H seems to be more pointy versus more flat with a slight concave. Tell me I am seeing things.
  4. Agh why didn't they put the rear wiper under the roof lip like the RX
  5. Krew, I just clicked on the link to Autoblog and they both appear to be the same. The pictures you have posted above are very deceiving regarding the actual appearance. So I am good. Like we said in an earlier post, I want more freedom to choose what I want on my vehicle and the F-Sport does not offer that. So I'm getting the 300H. Side note, I am removing all wording on the outside of the vehicle except for the Lexus Logo for a cleaner look. chasedrgc1223, I couldn't agree with you more. The more I stared at the back of this vehicle the more I disliked (hated) the wiper blade sitting on top of the glass like that for the world to see. It is ugly there.
  6. Krew, one more thing...Do you prefer matching side mirrors or black side mirrors like on the F-Sport? Why am I having a problem with black side mirrors..they don't match (yeah, yeah, accents) but I feel the side mirrors are apart of the main vehicle. Not like molding & tires..
    • Not really sure why black side mirrors are considered sporty, but they are. I prefer the color-coded mirrors myself.
  7. LOVE the wheels on the hybrid! Worth getting just for those. PERFECT! BD
  8. I really like it! I just do not know how I feel about the base's front...This angle is so awkward. It bulges too much in my opinion. The hybrid and FSport express the spindle grille so much nicer! I kind of want an FSport now!
    • Sorry, forgot the picture I was referring to.
    • Yeah, that front end won't get it done. Maybe Lexus did it that way on purpose to get you to pony up for the more expensive Hybrid or F-Sport? BD
    • AM

      I know, right!!!! Personally, I want to see the grille that the white NX 300h has. My theory is the sliver one is the base model. Then the white NX 300h is a Sport Appearance Package (like the RX). Finally, the full mesh grille is for the F Sport. Let's hope the I'm right.
    • I love the grille on the white NX300h! I also want to see that grille on more models. I like the style. :)
  9. THANKS to KREW for putting my pics up! I was too shy to ask to sit in the car, DOH! But it looked fantastic!!! here is another angle, with me next to it!
    • I went to the NY show today. It looked nice, but it seems to small for me. I'm avg. height and weight (5'10 about 170) and it seems like I could barely fit comfortably. I sat in the IS for the first time today and I really was jealous of the looks of the F sports compared to my '13 GS after I sat down, I was happy that I stuck with my GS. It's too small. Could I fit yes, but not comfortable. I feel like it will be the same way with the NX. PS did you notice the F sport bike on display? It was downstairs on top of the GX