Lexus USA Shares NX Sales Projections

Lexus NX Sales Projections

Mark Rechtin of the Automotive News recently spoke with Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken about NX sales projections:

…he expects Lexus to sell about 2,200 NX units a month in the United States. He added, however, that Lexus’ U.S. dealer council has informed him that such an estimate is too conservative.

“From a sizing standpoint, it’s basically the same size as the original RX 300,” Bracken said. “Nobody has made any analogy to it being an over-sized RAV4.”

When Lexus launched the original RX 300 in 1998, it had the same sales estimate. RX demand quickly jumped above six figures a year, and it became Lexus’ best selling product.

For perspective, Mercedes sold 32,553 GLK models and BMW sold 30,623 X3 models in 2013 — if Lexus USA is planning to sell only 26,400 NX models per year, the biggest problem will be availability.

(Have to think the NX will cut into RX sales somewhat — however, with a yearly average of 93,965 RX models sold over the past three years, Lexus can certainly afford to funnel some sales towards the new NX.)

[Source: Automotive News]


  1. The price positioning might be quite high. It might be in the upper 35,000-40,000 range almost match the RX.
  2. They can use Q4 as a guide, but this WILL SELL 4-5k a month, if they can keep up with demand. I expect them to drip-feed inventory late this year, but demand will be incredible, and by next March, if they provide enough inventory, 4-5k a month will be normal. The Acura RDX leads the class in sales at around 45k for the year, and this smokes that up like a blunt! Lexus can pretty much write their own check on this one. It's a future superstar! BD
  3. First-gen RX 300 sold 72-92k units per year in US. Even though it really created the luxury small SUV category and there was much less competition, 4-5k per month seems reachable unless the pricing is too high. Current RX starts at $40k, so a $35k price point would be reasonable. Wondering how the hybrid will be priced. Either way, this looks like a winner for Lexus.
    • I expect a new RX next year, with a $43-45k price point, to give more separation, and more profits, for the RX.... BD
    • X1 starts at $30k X3 starts at $38k Q5 starts at $35k GLK starts at $37k Even if they take the RX up to $43k, it would still be more competitive to start the NX in the mid to high 30s. It's hard to find luxury models at the entry prices anyway so the transaction price will be much higher.
    • That's my point. The NX will start right around $35k, where the class sales leader Acura RDX lives.. Loaded versions will go to $45k, where the RX will begin.... BD
  4. Lexus should produce more cars in North America....where the customers are....NX at the plant in Woodstock beside the RAV4....ES already in Kentucky...and the IS at the Mississippi plant....just my 2 cent