Lexus USA Shares NX Sales Projections

Lexus NX Sales Projections

Mark Rechtin of the Automotive News recently spoke with Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken about NX sales projections:

…he expects Lexus to sell about 2,200 NX units a month in the United States. He added, however, that Lexus’ U.S. dealer council has informed him that such an estimate is too conservative.

“From a sizing standpoint, it’s basically the same size as the original RX 300,” Bracken said. “Nobody has made any analogy to it being an over-sized RAV4.”

When Lexus launched the original RX 300 in 1998, it had the same sales estimate. RX demand quickly jumped above six figures a year, and it became Lexus’ best selling product.

For perspective, Mercedes sold 32,553 GLK models and BMW sold 30,623 X3 models in 2013 — if Lexus USA is planning to sell only 26,400 NX models per year, the biggest problem will be availability.

(Have to think the NX will cut into RX sales somewhat — however, with a yearly average of 93,965 RX models sold over the past three years, Lexus can certainly afford to funnel some sales towards the new NX.)

[Source: Automotive News]