Lexus IS the Next Model to Get Turbocharged Engine?

Lexus IS 200t Turbo

AutoGuide reports that the IS will be the next Lexus model to get the turbo-charged 2.0L four-cylinder engine debuting the new NX crossover:

Currently the base IS250 model makes use of an antiquated 2.5-liter V6 engine. Rated at 204 hp it’s not only down on power compared to turbocharged 4-cylinder rivals but it also offers inferior fuel economy.

The company rep who wished to remain anonymous said that the upcoming NX200t model will make 237 hp in production trim, while that number could be increased to closer to 250 for the IS.

Bringing the new engine to the IS makes a ton of sense — it maximizes potential sales of the RC 350 while giving the IS a boost with the new engine.

Beyond the IS & RC, what other Lexus models could see the turbo-4? CT would be a good candidate, but Lexus seems committed to keeping the hatchback hybrid-only. The GS & RC are also possibilities — in fact, both the GS 200t & RX 200t have been trademarked in Australia — but I doubt either will be available in North America any time soon.

[Source: AutoGuide]


  1. I think I'm more excited about finally getting a figure on the 2.0t in the NX, at 237hp not too shabby! :) Krew, any insider info on the transmission? :)
  2. Wouldn't it be nice to see a turbo on the LS to actually compete with the 750 Li and S550? Wayyyy down on power compared to them. Also a higher powered GS to compete with the 550i as well as the E550, whether that be a turbo on the current V6 or a V8 like the GS 460 offered. That would definitely be nice to see a more powerful GS
  3. l am looking forward to more info on COLOR availability! and release date!
  4. 1. The 2.0T engine should spread like legs throughout the Lexus lineup. CT included, but that will probably wait until it's redesign in a couple of years. 2. 237 HP is disappointing, given Hyundais and Cadillacs provide 30-40 more HP from the same design. I expect the IS to get the new engine for 2015 (no good reason to wait beyond immediately), and I'd expect it to have more rated HP than the 328i.... BD
  5. every model most likely :-). 2.0t will get them lower taxes in China and other Asian countries, as well as Europe, so new RX, NX, RC, existing GS/IS/ES even. CT will likely get it when it gets FMC (at worst).
  6. Pretty disappointing day in general for Toyota Corp. They go after style-conscious buyers only with the 2015 Camry, neglecting the powertrains that badly need attention. The hybrid gets no extra power or efficiency, and this will remain in effect for at least 2-3 more years before the next redesign cycle. And the 2.0T sounds light in the loafers..... BD
  7. Joe

    Lexus needs to put the 2.0L turbo engine in every model, if possible. This will make their cars a direct competitor to those like C200, 320i, 328i or even models like 520i etc. These models are especially important to boost sales in countries where cars are taxed according to displacements.
  8. B

    I'd be curious to see an ES 200t. 237hp is only around 30hp down on the 3.5 V6. The V6 is heavier and obviously would have much higher fuel consumption. It's currently rated 21/31/24 (city/highway/combined). The 2.0t could boost those figures to perhaps 24/34/28 (guessing here). It'd still be plenty quick. Less engine weight would improve handing and further improve fuel economy.
  9. Jay

    What do you think will be the required octane for the turbo? Premium or unleaded regular gas. Considering the RX can run on unleaded n the high fuel prices....would think Lexus would tune the motor for unleaded fuel.
  10. Yes I will be happy with a IS200t and RC200t,but Lexus the CT200 needs more power if not turbo power to compete in the "Hot hatch" segment.
  11. IS 250 with 250 hp sounds like a great idea! Then make a v6 turbo for the IS 350 with... you guessed it, 350 hp :) ISF needs 450 at the least with the RCF's powertrain and tech. Perfection!
  12. This sounds like really great news. I've been waiting for a long time to buy an IS. Hopefully all my patience will finally pay off.
  13. MT

    The IS will get the 2.0T with the mid cycle refresh at the earliest. So no new engine in the IS for at least two more years is my expectation. This will give the engine a production timespan of about fifteen years :-)
    • Well you never know. The GS300 came out in 2006 and then Lexus put a bigger V6 in the GS in 2007 calling it the GS350 instead of 300 in 1 model year. Maybe they will repeat history.
  14. They have to. People say: "If you have a Lexus you should not mind about the gas consumption or price"... that's soo wrong!!!. I have an IS 250 and live out of town, my gas bill in Canada is around 600 monthly cuz I hate cities and drive a lot everyday to go to work. An 2.0 turbo engine will definitely make stay with Lexus.
  15. Antiquated? ? Have to disagree it may not be the latest but my word it is a fine motor! Smooth, quiet and absolutely trouble free. Doubt whether the new Turbo will sound anything like as smooth or refined, as with the new Three series the motor will have lost the glorious sound of a smooth six cylinder.