Lexus IS the Next Model to Get Turbocharged Engine?

Lexus IS 200t Turbo

AutoGuide reports that the IS will be the next Lexus model to get the turbo-charged 2.0L four-cylinder engine debuting the new NX crossover:

Currently the base IS250 model makes use of an antiquated 2.5-liter V6 engine. Rated at 204 hp it’s not only down on power compared to turbocharged 4-cylinder rivals but it also offers inferior fuel economy.

The company rep who wished to remain anonymous said that the upcoming NX200t model will make 237 hp in production trim, while that number could be increased to closer to 250 for the IS.

Bringing the new engine to the IS makes a ton of sense — it maximizes potential sales of the RC 350 while giving the IS a boost with the new engine.

Beyond the IS & RC, what other Lexus models could see the turbo-4? CT would be a good candidate, but Lexus seems committed to keeping the hatchback hybrid-only. The GS & RC are also possibilities — in fact, both the GS 200t & RX 200t have been trademarked in Australia — but I doubt either will be available in North America any time soon.

[Source: AutoGuide]