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More Photos of the Yellow Lexus LFA Spyder & Toyota 2000GT

Lexus LFA Yellow Spyder Hero

Here’s some more photos of that one-off yellow Lexus LFA Spyder parked alongside the iconic Toyota 2000GT, this time from the Toyota UK blog:

Lexus LFA Yellow Spyder 2

Lexus LFA Yellow Spyder 3

There’s also this photo of the LFA Spyder’s interior, sent to me by reader Okada Yuki:

Yellow Lexus LFA Spyder Interior

The yellow Lexus LFA Spyder will be displayed alongside a 1967 Toyota 2000GT as part of a unique event at the Toyota Kaikan museum in Nagoya, Japan.

First spotted during a Tokyo Motor Show event, this yellow LFA Spyder will be in the museum until the end of April.

[Source: Toyota UK Blog] (Special thanks to Okada for the interior photo!)

  • J
  • March 30, 2014
such a weird interior choice of color
  • B
    Black Dynamite
  • March 31, 2014
I wonder what the real story is behind the LFA Spyder is, since it won't make production. It must have cost a small fortune to actually fully produce a couple, if not more, but not actually sell them. There's a major story there that no one is reporting. The stillborn Lexus LFA Spyder..... BD