Two Lexus LFA Convertibles Spotted in Japan

Lexus LFA Yellow Spyder

At the Odaiba Motor Festival celebrating the Tokyo Motor Show last month, Toyota President Akio Toyoda brought out two Lexus LFA Spyders — here they are, briefly:

(The white LFA Spyder I can only assume is the same one Jay Leno drove earlier this year, but the yellow Spyder is completely new to me.)


  1. Would love to see a Roadster....need translation on his comments though :)
  2. what I want to see is the LFA NE roadster.
  3. I am curious. If all the LFAs were already built, where did these two come from? Brand new built? or modifying from 500 that was built? The LFA factory is supposed to be shut downed and staff reassigned.
    • 500 to be built and sold in the US these could be prototypes to something else. These might not have a number badge on the cars. The two LFAs here could be the pre-porduction cars.
    • The 500 were built for Global distribution. The US only received a portion of the original 500 made. Good to see them out and about though. Hope for possible new development. We can only wish and speculate.