Jay Leno Drives the Lexus LFA Spyder

Jay Leno has visited the LFA Works production facility in Japan and had a chance to drive the world’s only LFA Spyder (!!!):

By the end of the video, it’s clear Leno’s opinion of the Lexus supercar has changed significantly — I’m pretty sure that 187mph in an open-top one-of-a-kind LFA would do that to anyone.

(The thing I’ll take away from this video, though — a Buddhist monk ordered a Matte Black LFA, which will be his only worldly possession. Mind. Blown.)


  1. Gonna watch this soon !
  2. Great video!  It's neat to see the partially-assembled LFA without the body panels.  And the trademark LFA engine sound seemed even more awesome on the Spyder.
  3. Ok......that's......... the greatest car video I've ever seen.   I can die now...... BD
  4. Lucky Jay! After all, he is the one person who deserves to enjoy all of this! I would love to meet him someday!
  5. eh.... if most average people purchased this car .... it would be your only worldly possession!!! Q: what kind of a Buddhist Monk has that kinda cash?? The local temple is probably now a luxury hotel!! ... but the Monk has taste!!
  6. now all they have to make is the spyder for the Lexus LFA NE edition
  7. Can you see the precision and the build quality they put into the cars. Those workers seem focused. I can imagine what it's like at Ford, a fat bloke eating a big mac while putting your door together. I don't think american cars will ever have the build quality and precision of any other foreign car.
  8. 7000 post-build, pre-ship inspections? VW workers are just happy there's a windshield on it when it leaves the factory...... BD
  9. WOW!...He looks as proud as a peacock,& who could blame him,I would be too!The fact that he can place the LFA with such confidence amongst other super cars speaks volumes about the LFA.I believe his favourite vehicle (besides his jet powered bike) was his McLaren F1,but it looks as though he may have a new favourite.I loved his comment about comparing the LFA with a fine wine,because I tell my wife every day that she's like a fine wine & she only gets better with age.I believe it will be the same with the LFA & that it will probably take us all 10 or 15 years to fully appreciate what Lexus has accomplished with this beautiful machine.
  10. Damn.. every time I watch a video of the LFA I some how love it more then I already did.....   This car is really ONE of a kind. None like it EVER. Its paved its own road.
  11. Welcome to the club Jay!  Now he understand why us owners love the car so much.  It's unique in every way.  No doubt anyone can find a "better" car on paper.  But the state of euphoria the LFA brings is second to none.  All thanks to Lexus / Toyota.  With each passing mile, we love it more and more.
  12. Time to put the spyder into production!!!