Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA Wrapped in Matte Silver

Lexus LFA in Matte Silver

The Open Road Lexus dealership in Richmond, BC, has taken their #022 Pearl Read LFA and wrapped in matte silver for display at the Vancouver Auto Show — here’s another shot from the back:

Lexus LFA Matte Silver

Open Road Lexus also posted some additional photos on their Facebook page:

The Vancouver Auto Show starts tomorrow at the Vancouver Convention Centre, and runs until March 30th.


  1. Never have been a fan of Matte finishes.....but how can anything look bad on this BAD BOY ?
  2. Looks like a model toy in the night pics lol
  3. LFA, best car EVER!
  4. The matte wrap looks good, but it needs to be back on the OEM wheels
  5. Nice work, Open Road Lexus! Stunning in this wrap and the wheels too!