Japanese Lexus Dealership Builds Exclusive LS Owners-Only Lounge

Lexus LS Owners Lounge

A Lexus dealership in Nagoya, Japan, has built a special lounge specifically for LS owners — Hans Greimel from Automotive News reports:

Kazuo Oguri, CEO of Nagoya Toyopet Corp., is the only dealer in Japan — and he thinks the world — to create such a special hideaway just for customers of the brand’s flagship sedan.

Oguri built the lounge as part of a second-floor extension to his flagship Lexus dealership in 2012, timed for that year’s launch of the redesigned LS sedan. The lounge is a remote, quiet corner of the building, partitioned by a foreboding black door. It exudes an air of exclusivity reminiscent of a posh underground club in Tokyo’s glamorous Ginza district.

Costing ¥199 million ($1.96 million USD) to build, this members lounge is open to any of the dealership’s 1,900 LS customers.

It’s an interesting concept, but I believe it works better on a “need to know” basis — other Lexus owners finding out about this exclusive club makes it all feel a little awkward. What do you think?

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  1. Agree on the "need to know basis" or better yet, don't have this at all. What are the rest of us Lexus owners, chopped liver?
  2. RAL

    Would an exception be made for LFA owner's?
  3. A Lexus is a Lexus regardless of the model that you own!! Super snobbish!!!
  4. I've seen Lexus dealerships already have lounge areas for their customers with complimentary drinks, snacks. TV, comfy chairs. But an LS only, is kind of discriminating. Where is the CT owners lounge, their lounge is made fully of reusable, recyclable material lol.
  5. Ok, I own a GS, so that makes me a 2nd 0r 3rd classe owner in Lexus social ownership ranking...dissapointing....maybe a I'll go for BMW next time.
    • What BMW are you going to buy? M5 to be treated like a 1 Series owner?
    • Nop. Don´t need any special attention from neither Lexus or BMW. Just replied regarding the ridiculous differenciation among "non-LS" onwers according to that particular dealers eyes. As a proud GS owner and a former BMW driver I can tell you I never experienced such an attitude from a brand. Never felt that a was treated as a 2 classe client along with series 7 drivers because I drove a 3 series. Never. I think that Lexus should stop this delaer from doing this and open this luxury lounge to all Lexus clients. Just my opinion.
  6. So if I buy an LS from 1993, can I join?
  7. eh, I don't think this will fly in the states esp. in my town :o but seems like it could maybe work in Japan. But my question is if I bring my GS in for service but we have 2 LS's in the family can I still use the lounge? I should say a '95 and '07. :p
  8. I don't think this is for the purpose of discrimination. I think the intention behind this is in Japan to depict or raise the exclusivity the Lexus LS means. I think the goal is to eventually attract buyers. I wouldn't go to that lounge at all if I owned LS or I would go there just for the fun of it. I wouldn't take that seriously.
  9. This really isn't discrimination! Think about this, if you have more money you get treated with more luxury... discrimination you may ask? No, one may be able to afford a Lexus GS but without the same amenities that an LS would have. In addition, to have an 8-speed transmission on an RX, you need to get the F-Sport package, so unless you have the money you can't have all you may want. You see, having a prestige model in Japan is considered very special, almost superior over other model classes. Is it a form of discrimination? Quite possibly, but it's a form enabling people from different social-economic situations to be able to purchase and enjoy a Lexus, meaning there are different classes, all of which are respectable, some more than others.
    • RAL

      If I was an LX owner . . . and I took my LX with me when I moved to Japan . . . when I take it in for service I suppose I'll have to sit with all the other "lower-class" Lexus owners during a service appointment. Or maybe . . . they would have the heart to make an exception . . . One can wonder.
    • Porsche 918 owners gets better and more exclusive treatment than 911 owners too, is that dimiscration too? Keep in mind that the 918 can cost 8 times more than a 911
    • RAL

      So dealer service centers are destined to go the way of the airlines: coach, business, or first . . . in which lounge are you allowed to wait? . . . oh, and who boards first? The amount of money spent determines your class . . . Yep!
  10. I agree this would be awkward to all the NON-LS customers. Lexus as a whole, should mean you are in an exclusive "club", so now there is ANOTHER club to strive for
  11. I don't see the deal. Nothing wrong with that. You saw it first here, I'm sure Audi, BMW and Mercedes will follow. I is about class, not power, superiority etc...
  12. Only non-LS owners would complain so much. Let them drive Camey's!