Japanese Lexus Dealership Builds Exclusive LS Owners-Only Lounge

Lexus LS Owners Lounge

A Lexus dealership in Nagoya, Japan, has built a special lounge specifically for LS owners — Hans Greimel from Automotive News reports:

Kazuo Oguri, CEO of Nagoya Toyopet Corp., is the only dealer in Japan — and he thinks the world — to create such a special hideaway just for customers of the brand’s flagship sedan.

Oguri built the lounge as part of a second-floor extension to his flagship Lexus dealership in 2012, timed for that year’s launch of the redesigned LS sedan. The lounge is a remote, quiet corner of the building, partitioned by a foreboding black door. It exudes an air of exclusivity reminiscent of a posh underground club in Tokyo’s glamorous Ginza district.

Costing ¥199 million ($1.96 million USD) to build, this members lounge is open to any of the dealership’s 1,900 LS customers.

It’s an interesting concept, but I believe it works better on a “need to know” basis — other Lexus owners finding out about this exclusive club makes it all feel a little awkward. What do you think?

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