More Images of the Lexus RC F in New Orange

Lexus RC F in Orange

Lexus Singapore has posted two renderings of the RC F in the New Orange exterior color — here’s one in a higher resolution than the image above:

Lexus RC F in Orange Rear

(After my post about the color last week, I received emails from a couple sources letting me know the RC F Orange will be a few shades lighter than the IS F CCS-R, and not the same color.)


  1. Reminds me of the 1st gen IS300 that came in the burnt orange colour. What a wonderful colour it was.. glad to see something different.
  2. if I could, and would buy an RC F, then is this my second color option, after black.
  3. So hot. The best looking colour on this car.
  4. Beautiful a Rusty Orange Brown.....looks amazing on this vehicle.
  5. But it looks fake. Look at the rear end on the right. There's some blue like on the air inlet on the tires. I doubt that this is an official picture.
    • You're right, that's just a render. And in this way looks much more copper red rather than orange CCS-R, it actually remind in me of the 007 Lotus Esprit Turbo from the movie "For Your Eyes Only".
  6. Looks really good! But I still want a black or grey one :)
  7. ultra white, f-sport blue (as i call it), black and then this