Tomica Release Die-Cast Lexus IS F SPORT

Lexus IS 350 F SPORT Tomica

Japanese toy maker Tomica has produced two Lexus IS F SPORT die cast models — here’s a loyal fan unboxing the cars:

The detail is decent for a 1/65 scale model — wish I could visit the nearest big-box store and pick up a couple for myself, but these will likely be rare outside of Japan.

(Puts to mind the massive Lexus die-cast car collection I posted about way back in 2010.)


  1. Oh they finally release it ! Hopefully I can get the White one !
  2. The Tomica's have always been a little bit naif but in the end that's the thing wich made them something like a cult toy, more fascinating than the common Hot Wheels. Having said this, this 2014 IS is definitely a must have if for no other cause is the first Lexus die cast (beside the brand new AUTOart 2013 LS 600hl) to be provided of the iconic Spindle Grille.
  3. I've ordered a blue one on Ebay.
    • Me too. However I have been using a jaguar car for many years and never faced a problem barring one time when I had to leave it in midway due to some problem. But thanks to they helped me moving my car safely to my destination.
  4. I don't know nothing about Tomica, but I would send it back. The picture on the package has nothing to do with the content. So cheap. Look at the wheels, the outside mirrors... Isn't there nothing beter ?
    • Remember it's only 1/65 scale. A 1/43 would have far better details,and I think there's a good chance there will be one from someone like Minichamps or Ebbro.