2014 Lexus GX 460 in Short Supply at US Dealerships

2014 Lexus GX 460

The updated 2014 Lexus GX 460 has been a huge success, and dealerships are having a hard time keeping up with the demand — from Edmunds:

Through the middle of this month, Lexus had only a nine-day supply of GX models in stock, up from four days at the end of December. Automakers and dealers consider a 60-day supply to be comfortable. Buyers have responded to a Lexus advertising campaign that offers the SUV (depending on down payment) for less than $500 a month.

[Lexus Group vice president and general manager Jeff] Bracken said the plant in Japan is slowly increasing production but “it will take us some time to build the supply up.”

In an interview at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Bracken said “it will probably be April before we can recover to a level that is a little more healthy for our dealers, back to a 25, 30-day supply.”

The price cut and improved styling have done wonders for the Lexus SUV — sales are averaging about 1,400 units per month since the update, up from 1,000 units per month in 2013.

(I drove the GX 460 at the end of last year, and was very impressed with the changes — expect my review next week.)

[Source: Edmunds]


  1. Still, the cabin should have incorporated higher quality materials.
  2. Was never a fan of the GX design since it debute, but this new look is awesome! I've seen more and more on the street now.
  3. Prior to the '14 I never considered it as I felt the styling was too conservative. Now, looks great!
  4. Eh I'm still not fan of it. Both the GX and LX need updating...
  5. All their SUVs need to have dual exhaust.
  6. Why does Lexus not move its production facilities for the GX from Japan to the Canada like their did with the RX since the rest of lexus world doesn't get GX model?
  7. Eveey Lexus that receved the spindle grille update has improved in sales goes to show Americans love the new look and these haters AutoBlog and MotoTrend just mad Cadillac didn't thought of it.. Everyone (magazine and.blogs) said the RC F was beautiful and a hit and even car and driver called.it the best spindle grille so far and they are starting to love it... however AutoBlog preferred calling the grille predator face. MotorTrend said the RC F was a.fail simple because the said Nissan had that design in the 60S. Just like they gave Cadillac COYbasee on performance alone! And choose the CTS over.tbe GS because of the extra hp. These American Magazine are trying.real hard to put Cadillac on the map with the Germans but its going to back fires in there faces. ATS and CTS are doesnt stand a chance against GS 5series A6 and E Class yes its a great performance sedan but its not luxury
    • I totally agree with you, the new GS is an amazing car! The new face of Lexus has done well for them so far, hopefully we'll see a new ISF with that spindle treatment and other new models.
    • Really? Americans try really hard? And Japanese mags don't try hard to not put Lexus up on a pedestal. Lexus has good product, but it seems you're biased.
  8. Perhaps Lexus is restricting supply, rather than flooding the dealerships? I suppose Lexus is managing their supply and demand curve very well for the new GX, even if most of us think the spindle looks odd on it.