Video: Lexus RC F in Detail

Lexus RC F Video

Along with the official photos, Lexus also released some footage of the new RC F — the video is a completely silent affair, and shows the coupe in great detail:

There’s a few choice moments in the video, including the speed-sensitive active rear spoiler in action at the 2:14 mark of the video — here’s a screenshot of the spoiler at full height:

Lexus RC F Rear Spoiler

The footage of the interior shows plenty of new touches, like the carbon fiber insets and the special TVD button that optimizes the RC F for track driving:

Lexus RC F Carbon Fiber Insets
Lexus RC F Track Variable Drive button

(Much like the standard RC in red, there looks to be something special about the exterior paint on the RC F — makes me wonder if the Ultrasonic Blue underwent a similar paint process. Then again, could just be the lighting.)