Lexus Releases Second Teaser Image of F Performance Model

Lexus RC F Crop

Lexus has released another teaser image of the F performance model set to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January — here the photo in high-resolution (click for the larger image):

Lexus RC Coupe Teaser Image

Believed to be a high-performance version of the RC that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November, this photo shows a hood scoop and a glimpse of the signature F grille — it brings to mind a rumor from an August Motor Trend article:

…the flagship RC F employs carbon-fiber parts including the hood, roof, and trunklid. Oh, and that hood scoop has nothing to do with induction. Our insider tells us the intake sucks air in and channels it to the underbody, where it improves the car’s downforce.

This was the image that accompanied the Motor Trend article:

Lexus RC F Rendering from Motor Trend

The headlights are way off and the overall shape is more angular, but it does have a number of tell-tale elements of the RC — just how close will this be to the final design?


  1. RK

    turbo Intercooler ??
    • That what I was thinking. I hope it's a functional hood scoop. Maybe it just for the intake system like how it was on the LF-A.
    • My comment just disappear. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe a Turbocharged engine. But with that placement of the hood scoop, the intercooler has to be top mounted like the Celica GT-4. I'm thinking the hood scoop is part of the intake system like on the LF-A.
    • MD

      No God forbid. No boring turbos with vaccum cleaner sounds and laggy response. It is a 5.0 Liter V8 and the intake on the hood is the same as the one in the LFA. It sucks in air for the intake and also improves downforce at high speed as air is channeled to the underbody.
    • That's what I'm saying. This is an intake scoop. But eventually Lexus is bringing out a whole suite of turbocharge engine out in the future, ranging from the new turbo 4 that will make it's way in the NX and IS, turbo 6 and a turbo 8.
  2. I smell turbo, or maybe a revised V8 just needs some cool air ;)
    • MD

      No It is a 5.0 Liter V8 that actually sounds good unlike the cr*ppy sounding new M3 with twin turbo. It sounds completely awful like a farty 4 banger.
  3. It'll have a 5-litre na V8 with cylinder deactivation to meet emission standards. It's been confirmed by Lexus insiders.
  4. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait !!!! Stop teasing us !!!
  5. being that it's rearward facing, im betting on just a run of the mill heat extractor/vent...
  6. I need this in my life!!!
  7. Can't wait to see this beast!
  8. I just want that MONSTER to beat the GERMANS// To know that Lexus is able to do things that wasn't expected :D
  9. MD

    This time Lexus is really going to kill the M3. Now it has a better V8 engine than the TT i6 in the M3. It will also make a lot more power than the M3 and also the handling will be similar to that of the IS-F CCS-R racing car so it will kill the new M3 in handling as well.
  10. The insiders I've talked to confirmed that its still the V8 with just under 350 Kw and around 550 Nm
  11. Folks, its not a hood scoop. Its an air vent. Hood scoop is something you see in an STI subi.
  12. They need to show a teaser with the front end. Wanna see that spindle Lexus.
  13. Lexus will make this car light but not too light because theyve learned weight is also neccessary for good feel. to me the M3 feels way too light
    • If the GS is a better car than the 5 Series it also is because it is lighter. You already drove the new M3/M4 to say it is too light? Never ever had anybody said the car is too light, it has already been said a car is too powerful though.
    • The GS and IS are actually heavier then their respective compatition but they feel like smaller cars. whilest the compation is lighter, they feel like bigger cars. so the IS and GS feel more planted because of the weight. why take out weight if you not going to add wings for downforce? The RC is even heaver then the IS. watch the RCF and m4 going around the nurbiring ring and notice how loose the m4 is, like the old model. the back just needs a very big wing.
    • You're a funny guy "leopard"! And you dont know much about cars and handling. Heard of centrifugal force and how mass is affected by it? I thought not.
    • Yeah well, The 2014 IS is heavier then the old model and it drives better and feels ligher when it actually not. The RC is even heavier then the IS. Im talking fact here not rules. even the LFA with its carbon firbe was actually not that light. Good chessi, add little waight. good to go!
  14. Can we tell from this as to whether it includes the Triple-L headlights seen on the RC300h ( or the boring ones seen on the Silver RC ( ?
    • Either way, it'l gonna be a kick-ass car.
    • I pray this is going to be Lexus's new LED headlamp look or light signature design; if so it will complete the Spindle grill well and I believe will have the best looking image. For me this is the first really compelling look that I think rivals BMW's Halos...