Lexus December to Remember 2013 Commercials

Lexus December to Remember Sales

As we enter the holiday season, Lexus USA has launched their annual December to Remember Sales Event, along with the inevitable “Red Bow” commercials — here’s the full collection:

All in all, it’s a fairly harmless round of commercials — the only thing I really noticed is how great the updated GX looks in white.

Anyone out there looking to buy a Lexus this December?


  1. Not digging four commercials all about one woman in one location. Reeks of cost-cutting. Is she the only Lexus associate they could find? BD
  2. A hot woman, hot cars and a very stylish video! Wish they would show these commersials on TV here in Europe.
  3. She is hott!
  4. gg

    Are the street scenes filmed in Quebec?
  5. They've been playing it so much that I'm tired of hearing the song already. My folks already got a new RX last year, so please stop it!
  6. We just bought 2 cars: LS and GS both hybrids. Btw these first 2 commercials were shooted in Prague - Czech Republic. We met them there ;)
  7. The last commercial looks like Cesky Krumlov. Can anyone confirm that? Thanks
  8. Can you make the videos non-private?