2014 Lexus IS Nominated for North American Car of the Year Award

Lexus IS

The Lexus IS has been nominated for the 2014 North American Car of the Year, an annual award given by a jury of 50 North American auto writers.

The IS is currently up against 12 competitors, including the BMW 4-Series, Cadillac CTS & Corvette Stingray — the next round of voting will pare down the competition to just three vehicles. From there, a winner will be selected and announced at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

See the full short list of NACTOY nominations (Thanks Michael!)


  1. hope the IS wins. The IS is a better car then all those cars. it brings something new to the industry, Piano interior and heavely styled exterior. But the truth they just going to use this to promote the F-type
  2. I love the design, but without new engines, it won't get much traction, and rightly so.... BD
    • The 3.5L is good unit. The only problem with the IS250 isn't the engine, but the weight to power ratio. 204HP is not little. But the IS250 just weighs too much.
  3. Didn't the Cadillac ATS win this last year? And yet the new IS has beaten it in every comparison test where both cars were featured...
  4. Has a good chance of winning, and it will do a lot for the Lexus brand if it did win. Fingers crossed.
  5. The IS will win!
  6. MT

    North American Car Of The Year --> NACOTY, instead of NACTOY :-)