Lexus September 2013 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported 19,522 total sales for September 2013, a 4.1% improvement over last year — here’s the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2013 2012 % CHG* 2013 2012 % CHG*
CT 798 1,195 -27.4 11,440 13,612 -15.6
HS 0 8 -100.0 5 641 -99.2
IS 3,201 2,248 54.8 22,060 21,107 5.0
ES 4,866 6,553 -19.3 52,076 36,134 44.7
GS 1,231 1,454 -8.0 14,255 16,017 -10.6
LS 761 558 48.2 7,569 4,916 54.6
SC 0 0 NA 0 2 ‐100.0
LFA 1 4 -72.8 18 33 -45.2
Total Cars 10,858 12,020 -1.8 107,423 92,462 16.7
RX 7,601 7,046 17.3 73,279 67,048 9.8
GX 753 948 -13.7 7,105 7,720 -7.6
LX 310 372 -9.4 2,953 3,760 -21.1
Total Trucks 8,664 8,366 12.6 83,337 78,528 6.6
Total Sales 19,522 20,386 4.1 190,760 170,990 12.0

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. September 2013 had 23 selling days, September 2012 had 25 selling days.

September sales were light compared to last month, though the LS, ES, and RX did their part, selling well.

The Lexus IS has made some decent progress with a 54.8% increase over last year, with the IS F SPORT accounting for nearly one-third of all IS sales. This is much higher than anticipated, and Lexus USA is currently unable to meet demand for the model.

The GS continues to have a sophomore slump after some success last year, and the CT is struggling along as it waits for a much-needed mid-cycle refresh in 2014. The good news — the refreshed 2014 GX 460 will be arriving in dealerships today.

Special thanks to Black Dynamite for his contributions to this report.

[Source: Lexus USA]


Lexus Canada reported 1,580 sales in September, up 1.5% over last year and a new September record. The Lexus IS has performed exceedingly well — up 128.5% over last year, the IS made up 40% of all Lexus car sales in Canada.

SUVs are also performing well, with the RX up 7.0% and the LX jumping 33%.

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  1. Looks like Lexus should end around 265k, with a couple of 22-23k months leading up to the December to Remember, which is always good for 30k. Mercedes and BMW will end around 290-295k. Their growing lineups, and incentives, are helping a lot of that growth..... BD
  2. Mercedes pounded Lexus in September!
  3. "Sophomore slump" aka "the ES continues to cannibalize the GS"
    • They should be targeting different markets and demographics..... BD
    • Scenario: the average Lexus 61 year old walks into a dealership, ready to buy a new midsize sedan. A well-optioned GS costs about 58k. A comparable ES costs 48k, gets better mileage, has a roomier interior, more legroom, and a larger trunk to fit more golf clubs. If you really believe the ES isn't taking away from GS sales, I'd like to have what you're smoking.
  4. RAL

    I wonder what is the proportion of hybrid sales for the applicable models? Would that the IS 300h was offered in the US . . . :-(
    • The Lexus ES hybrid sells about 20-25% of the total ES volume The RX is about 10-12% of the RX yearly volume BD
    • RAL

      Thanks . . . Wouldn't an IS hybrid sell better than a GS hybrid?
    • MT

      Sure it would sell better. But obviously no reason whatsoever for Lexus NA to think about it.
    • RAL

      What? . . . please pardon my naivete . . . I don't understand what is so obvious to you.
    • MT

      It is obvious that Lexus doesn't always care what would sell better. Sometimes they just do what they do, even if it doesn't make any sense. Here in Europe Lexus even seems to try extra hard not to sell anything.
  5. It´s not good to read that Lexus could sell more new IS models than they have in stock at the Moment. Not a good start i would say. Customers want there new IS now - not in a few weeks. We said this already before, but Lexus should build the IS here in the US. TMMM would be the perfect plant for this Job. For Lexus the US is clear the No. 1 market in the world. No Need to say more.
  6. That one LFA sold was sold here in Florida, it was a white Nurburgring Edition. It was sold by the same dealership that still holds that black and yellow LFA.