Should the Production Lexus RC F Look Like This?

Lexus RC F Best Car

Another day, another rendering of the rumored Lexus RC F — this time, Japanese magazine Best Car takes a guess at what the Lexus coupe might look like (click images for a larger version):

Lexus RC F Best Car Front

Lexus RC F Best Car Rear

Illustrating the RC F is well traveled territory (see examples one, two, three, four, five) — most look good from the side & rear, but I have yet to be impressed with any mockup of headlights.

Let’s hear what you think — yes or no?

[Source: Best Car]


  1. why not keep the IS tailights
  2. I like the front, but I don't dig the rear tails. So excited for this release!
  3. I would get rid of those rear reflectors so people can pay attention to the pipes and/or rear lights etc. As for the front, the side of the bumper vents look tacky and out of proportion and needs to be re done to flow better. Not a fan of the hood scoop even though its not raised , reminds me of rally cars. I wouldn't mind havent hood vents like the LFA or something similar.
  4. Finally a render I like! haha This actually resembles actual Lexus design
  5. I am overall very impressed with the entire vehicle.....but agree with KREW that the headlights need more work.....I would like to see impressive and leading edge front lights and an offering of lower road illuminated lighting enhancement.
  6. The blue rendering from Carscoops is actually better. If Holiday Auto and Carscoops mixed the rendering, it will be pretty sexy
  7. I think this is the most realistic version. Most likely. BD
  8. That's totally hideous.
  9. I dont agree with the back pillar it looks too out of place and the tailights look too big for the car i like the Carscoops more
  10. Headlights are ugly but yeah it looks about how it will in production from what I would expect. Smh
  11. Almost all the rendering done thus far get the front and sideline profile right,but when it comes to the rear their all fail to impress.
  12. the M4 has realesed tech specs here their are :a bi-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine producing around 320 kW and more than 500 N.m of torque. Expect a redline in the region of 7 500 r/min. Available with either a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed M DCT ‘box, the two-door M4 will reportedly weight around 1 500 kilograms. Both cars will feature near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution"
  13. "Should the Production Lexus RC F Look Like This?" NO! It should look like this: I am so dissapointed with what's looking more and more like an already dated tuner car. The LF CC was the best and most exciting car (for me) to come from Lexus ever.
    • Yes you are right on "enthusiast88"---the concept is absolutely gorgeous and this is what LEXUS needs to carry out to production. We all have to remember though....this rendering is NOT from LEXUS, but a Japanese Magazine....I really think LEXUS will deliver somenting better than this rendering by far.
  14. ever the IS got more interesting lines than this
  15. Well I am hopeful, that the production RC F does NOT look anything like this hideous chud. These japanese car renderings always seem to be really off the mark when they speculate what a production model may look like. If the production model looks anything like the Carscoops rendering I'll be the first one to drive one off the lot, at least in LA
  16. NO for me. Even the camouflaged RCF is sexier than this rendering. I think the production RCF will have a wider and more pronounced fenders and character line also the spindle grill will have a thicker chrome to add 3D effects.
  17. ugly. dont like the front end