2014 Lexus IS iPad App

Lexus IS iPad App

Finally had a chance to download the Lexus IS iPad app, and it’s a surprisingly comprehensive tool for showing how the new Lexus sedan stacks up against the competition.

There are full 360° exterior and interior interactive comparisons of 2014 IS, Audi A4, Mercedes C250, & BMW 328i — here’s a couple sample screenshots:

Lexus IS App Exterior
Lexus IS App Interior

There’s also quick video comparisons:

Here’s how Lexus describes the app:

The 2014 Lexus IS iPad app puts an interactive 2014 IS sport sedan at your fingertips in full retina resolution.

Explore a full 360° view of the IS interior / exterior—just like in the showroom. Tap feature hotspots to reveal additional details, images and HD video. See how top competitors measure up via side-by-side 360° comparisons. Bring select Lexus publications to life using the Augmented Reality feature. Take notes using Siri voice recognition and even email videos from the app.

Very impressive — the iPad is a great advance sales tool, and this app is extremely well done. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the 2013 IS.

Download the Lexus IS iPad App