Autoweek Comparison: Lexus IS 300h vs. BMW 320i EDE

Lexus IS 300h vs. BMW 320i EDE

Autoweek, the largest car magazine in The Netherlands, tested the IS 300h against the BMW 320i EDE in their latest issue — by way of a trusty translator, here’s how the two cars compared:

Can the new IS be compared to the 3-series? If you are only after driving experience, you should opt for the German. Also, the BMW has more room. But if you look at the total picture, the Lexus brings you better value.

The Lexus is especially remarkable regarding comfort. The driving experience is comparable to a Mercedes E-Class and the on-board quality experience feels one segment higher. Also, we are very pleased with the powertrain. This is a car which makes us happy.

In the end, the IS 300h took top spot in the comparison, finishing with five stars for ride comfort, equipment, interior design, & brakes/safety, and scoring four stars for powertrain & fun factor.

(What a week — the IS also finished first in comparisons by Road & Track and Drive Australia.)

[Source: Autoweek Netherlands]


  1. "I'm tired of beating the 3-series. It bores me." - Lexus IS BD
  2. It's great seeing a global acceptance of the new IS. It's not just winning American comparisons, but elsewhere too! Great job lexus!
  3. yeah lol IS needs a real challenger. Yawns! of boredom
    • And lets be honest.... There's going to be more yawning ahead... as there are none
    • Perhaps the upcoming RC will give the IS a neck on neck battle..LOL.
    • lol lexus giving haters good reason to hate. Seem like now haters gonna hate the fact they can't compete with lexus. let see if the C class in 2015 can do something, yawns!
    • I doubt it, if benz can at least copy the Recife of the new IS, they'l have a chance. they got to be careful because the RC will have the spotlight.
    • Very proud of LEXUS and their will definitely be interesting to see what the future of other models will bring to the table. This type of leading is what I expect and want from the LS Flagship to do in 2015. Please LEXUS make it happen !
    • yeah, these models are paving the road in a good way for the up and coming LS. but 2015 lexus will be even a much more respected brand and that will be good for the LS. Roumers has it, when the LS comes out it going to wow the world
  4. I just find it funny how MT is the ONLY reviewer who didn't put the IS on top but it scored first in practically every other review. It seem the IS is just as class dominating as the GS was. Haters gonna hate but the RC will clean house with the utterly bland BMW4 & I can't wait!
  5. What can I say? Good job Lexus !!! Thumbs up :D
  6. RAL

    I saw the new IS in "atomic silver" while at our dealer yesterday. As I've written before, this color was made for the car. Truly it was outstanding even among all the other beautiful Lexus vehicles. I wish my wife would give me one for Christmas! Oopps . . . sorry guys . . . No wonder this car is topping the competition.
    • I know, that silver color still surprise me too, especially when the IS stands next to another silver color car. I'm proud of my choice...
  7. In my country, the new IS became available last August and since then, it is outselling the 3series.
  8. man is300h in america would be great
    • The price would be close to IS350, so i don't Think it would sell that good.
    • RAL

      I think there are plenty of people who want to enjoy the driving dynamics of the IS, but would appreciate the fuel economy of the hybrid. Certainly a lot more than those who can afford a hybrid GS. If you can afford to drive a hybrid GS you probably aren't greatly concerned about the cost of fuel economy. Acceleration is just one of many aspects of "fun to drive". And the ES hybrid just doesn't have the "fun to drive" traits of the IS or I would have already bought one. I think Lexus is making a big mistake not bringing the IS hybrid to N America.
    • They did say that there will be a hybrid variant of each model... And so far, the IS, GX, LX and LFA are the only models that are not offered as a hybrid. Or was that just for Toyota models?
    • No, that was Lexus too. In Sweden they have a hybrid for every model. CT200h, IS300h, GS450h, LS600h and RX450h. GX and LX are not offered in Europe, probably because of their size, and the fact that they're just rebadged Toyotas. LFA isn't produced anymore, so that doesn't count. And if there comes a new gereration, it probably won't be a hybrid either. Limited edition super cars are excluded from the hybrid "rule". However, Toyota does not have a hybrid for every model here.
    • I believe the thinking is at Lexus there is no rush to add a hybrid to the IS at this time, with the CT and ES hybrids in that general space. Lexus doesn't want to shoot all of their rounds at launch. People will continue to storm dealers for the new model for the first 12-18 months. Then, the IS will get the new turbo engine soon to replace the base V6. Then the Convertible and ISF have to be released. Then the IS will have a mid-gen facelift down the road. I'd expect to see the hybrid at that time..... BD
    • RAL

      I hope we don't have to wait that long . . . especially since they already have it in Europe.
    • I forgot about the E. You already have a mid size hybrid in the ES300h. ES isn't offered in Europe either. 2.0T or 2.5T is not that far away. Put a turbo on the 2.5 litre aktinson, and you should get pretty good power with low emissions.
  9. RAL

    In the picture above, has anyone noticed how the bottom rear fascia on the IS is different? I've not seen this on any of the IS models on any of the Lexus sites.
    • It's exclusive on the hybrid IS.
    • That's unique for the IS300h. It's designed to reduce drag an further increase fuel efficiency. The drag coefficient (Cd) is just 0.25, compared to the regular IS with Cd 0.28.
    • Joe

      Unfortunately, it has also to do with the refusal of Lexus international to put visible exhaust pipes on the hybrid models (except LS 600h apparently). In my opinion, the rear looks a bit too heavy now with the grey plastic.
    • I think it looks better this way.