Autoweek Comparison: Lexus IS 300h vs. BMW 320i EDE

Lexus IS 300h vs. BMW 320i EDE

Autoweek, the largest car magazine in The Netherlands, tested the IS 300h against the BMW 320i EDE in their latest issue — by way of a trusty translator, here’s how the two cars compared:

Can the new IS be compared to the 3-series? If you are only after driving experience, you should opt for the German. Also, the BMW has more room. But if you look at the total picture, the Lexus brings you better value.

The Lexus is especially remarkable regarding comfort. The driving experience is comparable to a Mercedes E-Class and the on-board quality experience feels one segment higher. Also, we are very pleased with the powertrain. This is a car which makes us happy.

In the end, the IS 300h took top spot in the comparison, finishing with five stars for ride comfort, equipment, interior design, & brakes/safety, and scoring four stars for powertrain & fun factor.

(What a week — the IS also finished first in comparisons by Road & Track and Drive Australia.)

[Source: Autoweek Netherlands]