Road & Track Comparison: Lexus IS 350 F SPORT vs. BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS & Infiniti Q50 S

Lexus IS Road & Track Comparison

Road & Track has brought the 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT up against the BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS Premium, & Infiniti Q50S — here’s what the editors had to say about the newest Lexus sedan:

The IS has, as another editor observed, the feel and responses of a less heavily styled car. The Infiniti has gadgets to “help” you, the BMW has motor and hereditary manners, and the Caddy is a milled ingot of doubly refined handling. But the Lexus puts it all together better and lets you enjoy it more, for less money—even optioned to the gills—than anything else here.

The IS 350 F Sport isn’t much like a Lexus, at least not how we know them. Or maybe this is just what happens when Lexus turns its focus from softness and luxury to competent speed. Either way, we’re happy. And impressed.

The IS 350 ends up dominating the final result, winning the comparison with a score of 42.5 — four points more than the second place BMW 335i and ten points more than the fourth place Infiniti Q50S.

(Just how impressive is the new IS F SPORT? Car & Driver, Motor Trend, and now Road & Track have all placed it first in recent comparison tests.)

Read the full Road & Track Comparison Test (Thanks everyone!)


  1. That is a fantastic review! Lexus just does alot of things right with the new IS. The other cars have 1 thing that they do well but then 1 thing that they bomb lol but the IS doesn't really suck at much
  2. As a Lexus sales consultant all I can say is...WOW!!. Now if we could only get some of these in inventory that would be even more impressive! This is the same thing that happened with the LS last year. These IS (specifically the IS 350 F Sports) is so hot and unfortunately Lexus isn't producing enough to support demand. Definitely not a good problem to have.
    • RAL

      I've driven the IS 250. Even with the smaller engine it is amazing. The driving dynamics, the extraordinary comfort of the interior, and the atomic silver color are impressive. True, low inventory and sticker price only, but residual is very high making for great lease rates.
    • ????????? You can't leverage a car you can't stock into massive gross? Really? That's THE BEST problem to have! You want a real problem? Try being Lincoln or Volvo. You're spoiled over there! The rest of the industry would kill to have that problem! A car The People want, with tons of great press, that the manufacturer can't produce enough of..... BD
    • Absolutely, you can leverage for gross. That's not the concern. Lexus does a great job with the product and getting the word out and putting consumers on tilt and excited about the product. The issue I was addressing is the build %'s and the missed opportunities. The 350 accounts for about 30% of all 2014 IS sedans built....250 and 350 included (at least it does so in this region). IS 350 F Sports account for 28% of all IS 350's (Premium, sport and luxury builds). That's right under 9% of all IS' coming to this region that come with the AVS, Sport +, Mark Lev, Variable Gear Ratio Steering with power telescoping steering wheel....the one kicking everybody's....well you get the point. They knew the F Sport was special! That's why they send that one to the comparisons and not the other one. so (IMHO) they should have rolled them out closer to 50% of the 350 build %. I mentioned the LS last year because there just wasn't enough supply. Just last month we received our largest allocation of LS', FINALLY now that we are at the end of the model year. But the LS is no longer drawing blood like it was 10 months ago...even 4 months ago. One more example: In the summer last year (2012) they were advertising the RX F Sport HARD and we had some action!!!....Problem was they pushed it hard 4 months before they ever showed up at any dealerships. I appreciate the comment BD. Definitely have mad respect for you and krew and what you guys bring to the Lexus tribe. You are right...I am spoiled and blessed at that. I (very intentionally) didn't apply at Volvo or Lincoln.
    • Hope you get all the product you need, but the car business is a tough racket. I've heard of others who have gone to Lexus dealers to test drive the IS F-Sport, and couldn't find a sales rep free, because they were all with customers, so they left after 30 minutes. Lexus is a beast here in America, and it's good to have confirmation that demand isn't the problem. Please feel free to pass along any more information about what it's like to work at a Lexus dealer, and how incentives, sales, supply/demand goes out there Salud! BD
    • Tough racket....reminds me of Glengarry Glen Ross. Classic.
    • We're running into the same issues. We don't have enough F Sports. Even if we get one in, they are usually sold in a matter of minutes.
  3. Good job Lexus. Actions speak louder than words. You have not only said you would make more involved vehicles you actually made more involved vehicles that'll have BMW rushing back to the drawing board. Now, let me see the RC-F
  4. CONGRATULATIONS LEXUS ! This is only the beginning.....the future is and will be VERY BRIGHT for LEXUS. What will be introduced in the next few years will truly be AMAZING. MR. AKIO TOYODA----the driving force of perfection and amazing !
  5. So the IS 350 F-Sport has beaten up Cadillac ATS FOUR times, BMW 335i three times, and is 2-0 vs the Infiniti Q50S! BD
  6. Just wait for the next gen ISF . . . .
    • AutoWeek just did a comparison with the Ias300h and 320ede and from my understanding they chose the Lexus over the BMW as well :)
  7. BP

    the morons at Motor Trend totally railed it. Well, they ended up loving every bit of its driving characteristics and interior. They beat up the IS on the exterior. Weren't these the same idiots (all automotive journalists) that harped on Lexus for "conservative designs?" Well... here's something new that is bold. Take it and learn to like it. It does grow on you. A lot of people hated Audi's grille change years back. Now the VW seems to do no wrong... ooo... ouch. haha