Road & Track Comparison: Lexus IS 350 F SPORT vs. BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS & Infiniti Q50 S

Lexus IS Road & Track Comparison

Road & Track has brought the 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT up against the BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS Premium, & Infiniti Q50S — here’s what the editors had to say about the newest Lexus sedan:

The IS has, as another editor observed, the feel and responses of a less heavily styled car. The Infiniti has gadgets to “help” you, the BMW has motor and hereditary manners, and the Caddy is a milled ingot of doubly refined handling. But the Lexus puts it all together better and lets you enjoy it more, for less money—even optioned to the gills—than anything else here.

The IS 350 F Sport isn’t much like a Lexus, at least not how we know them. Or maybe this is just what happens when Lexus turns its focus from softness and luxury to competent speed. Either way, we’re happy. And impressed.

The IS 350 ends up dominating the final result, winning the comparison with a score of 42.5 — four points more than the second place BMW 335i and ten points more than the fourth place Infiniti Q50S.

(Just how impressive is the new IS F SPORT? Car & Driver, Motor Trend, and now Road & Track have all placed it first in recent comparison tests.)

Read the full Road & Track Comparison Test (Thanks everyone!)