Car & Driver Comparison: 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT vs. BMW 335i M SPORT vs Cadillac ATS 3.6

2014 Lexus IS F SPORT vs BMW 33i M SPORT vs Cadillac ATS

In the latest issue of Car & Driver, the 2014 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT takes top spot in a comparison with the BMW 335i M SPORT and Cadillac ATS 3.6 — here’s the full story thanks to the folks at F30post:

(Here’s the story in higher resolution.)

To see the IS 350 F SPORT beat the top two performance-oriented models in the segment is quite a feat, especially in its first official comparison — here’s a quote from the article:

…charge into a series of quick bends and the IS completely changes its character. Turn in is crisper in the Lexus than in either the BMW or the Cadillac, a fact borne out by its first-place slalom finish in spite of a mediocre skidpad performance. More important, the Lexus is utterly imperturbable.

The IS manages to be both typically Lexus-civil and delightfully capable…The manner in which the Lexus transforms from innocuous to vivid is nearly as miraculous.


  1. Yes! Good job Lexus! Little surprised that they disliked RemoteTouch possibly even moreso than CUE. Now just waiting to see how the Q50 fares.
  2. This is great news! Wow! Everyone who said the IS was subpar before even driving all three cars back to back have been put to rest. Congrats to the Lexus team!
  3. The tables have turned. Lexus is turning into the "ultimate driving machine", which started with the Lexus LFA. Hopefully, Lexus will continue and keep going strongly in this direction.
    • It all started with the ISF
    • I'd pick the IS 350 F-Sport over the BMW any day, it's much cheaper too, even cheaper than the lower-rung BMW 328i. BMW prices are pretty ridiculous even more so with their reliability compared to Lexus.
    • It actually started with the LS430. Look at the comparable BMW and Mercedes models. The LS430 blew both of them out of the water in both performance, and luxury. Many cars are just now putting the acessories in their cars that Lexus had back in the early 2000's.
  4. I am literally happy for Lexus. Shut down the competition baby. [+]
  5. This bodes well, however shame we don't get the IS350 in Europe! Wonder how the IS300h and IS250 will get on in comparisons. Look forward to seeing more press soon.. Looking forward to seeing in the metal and a test drive !
  6. Joe

    Somehow the BMW is faster in every respect, has better gas mileage, has the most interior volume ... yet manages to lose my one point to the Lexus through point gaps to the Lexus in "fun to drive", "flexibility", and huge gaps in handling categories. The Lexus posted a 0.85 G vs the 0.89 from the BMW and a 0.91 from the Cadillac. Numbers don't lie. How do the Cady and Lexus have same handling points and somehow the BMW misses .. hrmm. Talk about subjective. Such crap reporting, because the they need an "upset". Sort of how the Lakers squeezed into the playoffs with friendly officiating, but in the end we all know who the real champion is and will be. Have an opinion and read subjectively people.
    • The Lexus won. Better interior quality, more refined, more comfortable etc Also of coarse the Lexus is the best made and most reliable of the bunch. The verdict is out. And the Lexus won!
    • Yeah because the Lexus felt that much better in driving dynamics. If you read between the lines they really don't say much about the IS except a couple of critic points they didn't like, there is a whole lot not being said here and C&D has left room for others to fill in the blanks. This was bound to happen, face it Lexus beat BMW at its own game. Lexus is clearly focusing on driving dynamics; that doesn't mean they beat them in the numbers per say but how it feels overall. That is Lexus's goal...
    • Those lower G numbers are mostly due to the mediocre tires of the Lexus - it wears Touranza vs S001 for the BMW. Yet, the IS still managed to beat both in the slalom.
    • Numbers don't lie. The MOST significant number being the slalom speed. The IS posted the fastest slalom speed despite worse skidpad, worse braking, slower straight-line acceleration and worse tires. Heck it's even 100 pounds heavier than the 3 series. YET it manages to spank the 3 series on the slalom. That goes to show the superiority of the IS chassis : it's stiffer, more responsive and more agile.
    • And IS did that on ER33! Superb! Congrat Lexus :D
    • And at the same time more comfortable & refined..
    • lol quit whining, LExus won fair and square. And, I'm pretty sure there's no "friendly officiating" going on between C&D and Lexus. C&D is full of biased european brand fanatics. SO the fact that the IS won, means they won legitimately, through hard work and extensive R&D. So in the end we all know who the REAL CHAMPION is and its not your goddamned POS BEEMER its a GODDAMNED LEXUS... So save yourself the trouble of going around these parts beemer bitching, by holding a knife up to your chest and running into it a few times, because there's millions more upsets to come LMFAO
    • Because grip doesn't automatically translate into better steering reel, and ride quality. The Lexus stays composed when going over bumps where the ATS and the 3 series veer off center and require driver compensation.
  7. But the IS350 is surely faster than 5.6 seconds The previous generation easily hit the sub 5sec mark in stock form. The new model is a little heavier, but it has an 2 extra ratios..
  8. First the new GS beats the 5 series, then the new IS beats the 3 series. Could this herald a new era for Lexus?
  9. Being gay i have to say that the whole text based on a fundamentalist,catholic,churcy tone is really hideous. Outside this i'm very happy for the IS victory.
  10. DAAAAMN!!! BMW's check must have bounced......smh Thumbs up Lexus! I've always had faith in ya!
  11. The LFA dominates Nurburgring, like no other current "supercar" The Lexus GS dominated BMW, and others, in Motor Trend's comparison And the baby brother IS lives up to the family tradition of excellence here. Lexus is now The Ultimate Driving Machine! BD
  12. The BMW losing the "fun-to-drive" factor to the Lexus is the exact opposite of how nearly every comparison test prior resulted between the two marques. The tables have turned.
  13. Lexus continues to use Bridgstones, when they are clearly 2nd-rate performance tires. Lexus needs to tear up that contract..... BD
  14. lexus is the best but when they will launch it india. i have read a report on indian launch in 2009 yet they have not launched. bwm,audi,mercedes are selling good numbers in inda
  15. well done Lexus - great work! BMW has been living off past glories way too long!
  16. Wow, this is incredible! I was not expecting that. When was the last time Lexus won a comparison test against a BMW? I can't remember..
  17. Nothing more pathetic than a bunch of car people pining and whining over who 'won'. Sorry, but it was a horrible article. No S4? Seriously? If you're showing the F sport version of the IS350 than shouldn't you be showing the IS version of the 3 series? There's only 3 things you learn from this article. Someone at C&D were trying to do a comparison on the cheap, Cadillac really needs a better engine and anyone looking at 'Sport' cars needs to take them on the track. Whoever wins I don't care. That grown men get worked up over this foolishness is childish.
    • Maybe the only thing more pathetic than a bunch of enthusiasts talking about their brand "winning" a comparison is the sore loser that pretends it doesn't matter? This is a Lexus enthusiast website, it's right there in the title. Sorry that you didn't like the result, but you're seriously mistaken if you think you can come onto my site and insult my readers. Grow up.
  18. "This car does everything better than any other car in it's class." That is why we picked it number 3! Seriously? How much do the foreign auto companies pay you to write this drivel? Love you guys! :-)
  19. I have got now german car. After i had a test drive with LExus . The same day i asked me bank how can i pay fast my car off and sell it dispite is one year old. Lexus is fantastik car.