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Lexus to Create Live Comedy Commercials During Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Lexus IS on Jimmy Fallon

Starting tonight during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Lexus will be staging two live IS commercials performed by improvisational comedy troupes:

In an intriguing ploy meant to harness both TV advertising and social media, NBC will allow Lexus to run a live commercial in two different ad breaks accompanying the show. In the first, set to run early in the program, improv comics will ask viewers to come up with interesting ideas for an ad featuring the automaker’s Lexus IS, a vehicle designed to compete with sportier luxury sedans.

By the final ad break of Thursday’s “Fallon,” a new commercial will appear, incorporating an improv performance by the comedians based on suggestions made on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

The “It’s Your Move After Dark” commercial series will run on Thursdays for the four weeks, and will be filmed live on location at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City — curious to see how it turns out, I’ll definitely be tuning in.

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  • September 19, 2013
Not in love with improv comedy, or Jimmy Fallon, myself. He's supposed to be the young, hip mainstream talk show host these days. But I will see these new commercials here on LE in the coming days. Haven't seen much advertising by Lexus in the mainstream for the new IS. Cadillac ATS has been much more aggressive. And the IS has already passed the ATS in sales, without even full inventory. Want to see more during NFL games! BD