Revisiting the 2003 Lexus HPX Crossover Concept

Lexus HPX Concept

With yesterday’s rumor of an upcoming Lexus seven-seat crossover, it’s a good time to take a look back at the HPX concept first shown at the 2003 New York Auto Show — first off, here’s the full photo gallery:

Built off the second-generation GS platform, the HPX, or High Performance Crossover, was designed by Calty Design Research to combine “the versatility of a luxury utility vehicle and the performance of a sports sedan in a sleek and stylish package”.

Here’s Calty vice-president Kevin Hunter and senior creative designer Bill Chergosky talking about their creation:

It’s always interesting to revisit old concepts — the HPX hints at a number of Lexus design cues, like the fifth-gen ES front end, LFA tachometer, and even the Remote Touch controller.

Even now, this concept looks like a home run for Lexus — I wonder if we’ll ever find out why it was never built.

As an aside, check out this super-dated video of the HPX concept from Motor Trend: