2014 Lexus IS Configurator Now on USA Website

Lexus IS 350 in Atomic Silver

For anyone in the USA interested in a 2014 IS: Lexus has just posted their online configurator to help you build the exact car you want.

(My personal pick: IS 350 RWD in Atomic Silver with Flaxen interior and Nav Package. $45k USD.)

See the Lexus IS Configurator


  1. how come there are only four very restricted package? Like if i go with the F Sport I have to get nav and red seats??
  2. Nebula Grey 350 Fsport with Red interior.
  3. when i put my zip code in it wont let me gwt awd models
    • Try different zip codes. The Lexus website will limit what you can configure based on what the dealers in your area will actually stock. It's BS because you can special order and really get what you want but their website makes it seem like you can't. Try the JM Lexus zip 33073 or if you are trying for AWD, pick a zip where it snows a lot!
    • man i thought you could get gray seats with fsport (thx for the tip) thiss configurator is bs
    • F-Sports appear to only come with the red interior. It's terrible. Why can't they allow for black, cooled, leather seats? You just know they are sitting on the shelf in the warehouse next to these ugly red ones!
  4. Bought a starfire pearl with nav and luxury package over the 4th of July weekend. Tight inventory, not much selection, but i needed a car. Love the car!!!
  5. I've always disliked the way the Lexus configurator is setup. I get how it is setup, but if you want a special order, there is now way to play with options other than going to KBB or Edmunds.com. They should allow the option to chose from pre-configured packages, as it is now, and the option to do a custom build.